Travel to Melbourne in a bullet train

Bullet Train

Shikansen known for their amazing speeds and service in Japan


Do you want a bullet train like the Japanese Shinkansen at 350km/hr speed with travel time between Sydney and Melbourne of 3 hours or less.

Australians have been invited to transform the way our nation travels by voicing their support until 30 June for a high speed rail line along Australia’s East Coast.

In releasing stage two of the Federal Government’s high speed rail report today, the Hon Anthony Albanese has opened the long-term, visionary project up for public debate.

Australasian Railway Association (ARA) CEO Bryan Nye said community education that ensures Australians understand the broad benefits of high speed rail will be vital.

“High speed rail is a game-changer that will transform Australia for our future generations,” he said.

“People may think our population is too small or the distances too long but you only need to look at the travel times proposed in the report and the projected passenger numbers to realise high speed rail is right for Australia.

Stage two of the Federal Government’s study released today by the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, costs the 1748km line at $114 billion.

“Speeds of 350km/hr will open up regional Australia, allowing people to relocate and commute to the city for work, whilst also helping reduce congestion in our capital cities,”  

“People will choose high speed train over plane if the travel is three hours or less and the travel times listed in the government’s report meet these requirements,” said Nye.

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