What has happened to India as its reputation goes to dust

protest at rape of 5 yr old

Now the whole of Sydney is talking about the rape of this 5 year old girl which the people of India have named ”˜Gudiya’ meaning doll. Again public in Delhi is madly protesting to such an inhumane act when Gudiya was abducted on April 15 by two men who kept her in captivity when the neighbours heard her cries and found her.

A man was arrested at the weekend for the attack on the five-year-old and is due to appear in a Delhi court this week. The second suspect, in his early 20s, was arrested early on April 22 at a relative’s house in the eastern state of Bihar on information received from New Delhi, local police chief Rajeev Mishra said.

Media in India including TV channels are reporting by the hour several other attacks on children that happen frequently, including that of a nine-year old girl in the north-eastern state of Assam, who had her throat slit after being gang-raped, TV channels said.

Indian parliament has been adjourned twice amid uproars about such horrible crimes and nothing is being done. After the 23-year-old Nirbhaya’s rape and death in December the law, although having promised swift trial, has not proceeded any further with the main accused Ram Singh having died in Tihar jail. They say that he committed suicide.  

Now with this five year old girl raped who is in a serious condition in hospital people are back on streets protesting while the authorities are taking their time even girls and women who have angrily protested have been slapped and pushed around by the police. The instructions from higher up seem only to be protecting the culprits rather than punishing them as one can gather from TV channel news which are seen by not just the Indian diaspora but also the rest of the world. India’s reputation is severely being damaged as each and every such brutal case comes to light and reported daily. Law and order needs a serious quick fix and these demons of human race need to be dealt with swift punishments with the hope of sending strong message that such violence against women will not be tolerated. Indian society’s mindset about women needs to change as well at the grass root level while alcohol, drugs and internet should also be curbed to keep the wrong elements out that may be influencing young men to behave in such horrible manner.

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