Saroj Khan teaches dance steps to Sydney girls

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By Manju Mittal

Saroj Khan is one of the most prominent Indian Dance Choreographer in Hindi Cinema. She has choreographed well known and hugely popular songs and dance sequences in more than 200 Indian films. She has choreographed dances for a number of Bollywood actresses that include Rekha, Sridevi, Madhuri and Aishwarya Rai. She was a phenomena that all these actresses followed her having invented some popular dance steps that made their movies into box offices successes. Her famous dance numbers include: Ek do teen, Nimbooda, Dola re dola, Choli ke peechhe and Mera piya ghar aaya.

In March this year when this dance maestro came to Sydney she set the mood of Bollywood dance in all the young men and women in Sydney. Saroj Khan’s exclusive Workshop that was held at Connect Studio Parramatta was patronised by many Bollywood hopefuls. Number of girls booked the spot quickly and grabbed the opportunity to be near this dancing guru and be part of the special workshop. The girls learned and corrected their dance moves under the legendary choreographer Saroj Khan’s guidance. I was amazed to witness her energy despite her health condition as she was admitted in the ICU in a hospital in India before she came to Australia. She seemed exhausted yet amazed everyone by her dance movements as if Sydney offered a fresh lease of life to Saroj. She signed the certificate of participation which was given to every participant at workshop. Sydney workshop presented Saroj Khan with an I Phone 5 as a token of love. The event announced the start of Saroj Khan Academy in Sydney so keep an eye out.

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It was a pleasure to get such a talented celebrity in Sydney. We all had an opportunity to be blessed by her. It was truly an exciting experience meeting Saroj Khan in person when she said, “Dance became my passion in life from an early age when I trained under my guru B Sohanlal at the age of ten. At age 12 I taught Vijayanthi Mala who danced in the movie college Girl with Shammi Kapoor. And Nutan was next in ‘Dil Hi to Hai’ when Saroj Khan choreographed and composed for her ‘Nigahein milaane ko jee chahta hai’.

Saroj, who has shaped the destiny of many an actress, says, “Madhuri Dixit and Govinda are natural dancers while Aishverya Rai worked hard and got fully bruised doing ”˜Nimbooda’.”

Talking about people with two left feet, one hand clumsily working, says Saroj, “I try to concentrate on the upper body and avoid vulgar hip movements in girls and in my eyes no one is a bad dancer as I make my assistants work on one student even if it has to be for a month so that they start to listen to the natural rhythm and expression of the body. When they are ready then only I take them.”

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Perhaps when Saroj Khan’s Dance Academy comes to Sydney many will take her as the guru and learn Bollywood dance from a choregrapher who has won six filmfare awards.

Saroj Khan workshop was organised by Maxine Salma and was supported by Hemu Negi, Road2 Bollywood, Arthi Wardan and Arti Banga from Desi Australia

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