Dr Agar along with other religious leaders urges bipartisan support for climate action

Prominent religious leaders from five diverse traditions are calling for urgent action on climate change to help avert a devastating 4 ° C rise in global temperatures.

In an open letter to both sides of the political divide ahead of the upcoming Federal election, they are unequivocal about human-induced climate change. They call for bipartisan support for carbon pricing, the fast-tracking of renewable energy and the winding back of coal exports.

The twelve leaders include the Grand Mufti, Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammad, the Chair of Catholic Earthcare Australia, Archbishop Philip Wilson, the President of the Uniting Church Assembly, Rev. Professor Andrew Dutney and the Chair of the Hindu Council of Australia, Professor Nihal Agar.

Professor Agar said, “We urge all Australians to give this moral issue the attention it demands. If we don’t, our children and grandchildren will face devastating consequences because of our failure to act now.”

With reference to numerous recent reports, the leaders write, “influential bodies are now warning us about an unthinkable 4 degree Celsius rise in temperatures if greenhouse gas emissions continue to increase. Recent experiences of extreme weather events, both here and overseas, are a mild foretaste of what this will mean.”


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