Indian -Australians one of the fastest growing community in Australia


Lisa Singh

Senator Lisa Singh

Tasmanian Labor Senator Lisa Singh on August 15 recognised the contributions of Indian Australians to Australia’s future in a ceremony marking the 66th anniversary of India’s  independence at Yarralumla.

“There are more than 450 000 people of Indian descent living in Australia, making the  Indian-Australian community one of the fastest growing in the country,” Senator Singh   said.

Senator Singh said that the Regional Conference Pravasi Bhartiya Diwas, or Overseas   Indian Day, being held in Sydney from November 10 – 12 would highlight the contribution   of Australians of Indian descent.

“Today’s India is very different to the India of sixty-six years ago. At the same time as   India has gone from strength-to-strength domestically, Indian emigrants have been ambassadors for the deep and varied cultures of India abroad.

“Like many Indian-Australians, I value my heritage. We share many of the best elements   of our nations: initiative and entrepreneurship, democratic values and aspirations and a   fanaticism for sport that unites us every summer.”

Senator Singh said that Australia-India relations had improved substantially since the   establishment of a Strategic Partnership during the visit to India of Prime Minister Kevin   Rudd in 2009 and former Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s visit in October 2012.

“Australia is a key destination for Indian students, with over 32,000 studying in Australia.   Last year, over 137,000 Indian tourists visited Australia.

“At the end of this month, Air India will begin direct flights between Delhi and Melbourne   and Sydney, further building on the links between our nations.

“Since its independence, India has grown into the role of architect of its own destiny. In   this Asian Century, India will also contribute to the destiny of the world and be a partner   in the future of Australia.”

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