Its on!

rudd and abbott

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced  federal election date of  September 7 via an email to supporters beginning with the phrase ”˜It’s on’.

The wait is finally over as Prime Minister announced that the Australian Federal Elections will be conducted on September 7.

The Prime Minister says the election is about who Australians can “trust” while the Opposition Leader says it is really about “who is more fair dinkum”.

Mr Rudd in a press conference said, “This election will be about who the Australian people trust to best lead them through the difficult new economic challenges which now lie ahead,”

“The Australian people therefore face a real choice for this election.

“A choice between a new way for the future with positive plans for managing the new economic challenges we face as opposed to the old negative politics and three-word slogans of the past.

“Australia is too open and positive a nation to retreat into a tight little ball of negativity.”

Mr Rudd promised a “steady hand and a clear-cut plan for the future” with “new ways of thinking, new ways of acting, new ways of planning”.

Opposition leader Mr Tony Abbot told a press conference about the election that, “The choice  couldn’t be clearer,”

Mr Abbott added, “The choice  is between the positive plans  of the Coalition and more of  the same under the Australian Labor Party and Mr Rudd.

“I am  determined, my team is  determined, to build a better  Australia, with specific improvements that we will  deliver.

“We will  scrap the carbon tax, we will get the budget back under  control, we will build the  infrastructure of the future  and we will stop the boats.”

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