CHEMEXCIL coming to Sydney for Buyer Seller meet

CHEMEXCIL, a basic chemicals, pharmaceuticals & cosmetics export promotion set up by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry Government of India,  is organizing a Buyer Seller Meet in Sydney, Australia this September to showcase the capabilities of Indian Chemical Manufacturers to the Australian market. This event is offering a chance for both the countries to foster mutually beneficial bi-lateral trade relations for a number of Australian industries, where these speciality raw chemicals are applicable.

Mr bharadi

Mr. Bharadi, Acting Chairman, CHEMEXCIL throws light on the benefits and purpose of this meet.

CHEMEXCIL is coming to Australia for the 2nd time. What does the Participant profile looks like this year?

Last year Chemexcil came with a smaller size of delegation consisting of 18 delegates to have an experience of the Australian market. Based on last years’ response, we have decided to bring in a bigger delegation consisting of over 50 top chemical companies. These delegates are producers of Basic Chemicals, Agro Chemicals, Cosmetics and Toiletries Soap and Detergents, Dyes and Dye Intermediates, Pesticides, Bio Pesticide, Fertilizers, Pigments, Solvents, Food and Beverages, Speciality Oils, Leather Dyes, Essential Oils, Perfumery Compound, Spa Products and other Industrial Chemicals.

What is the main aim of this delegation to Australia?

The main aim of this event would bring the Manufacturers, Producers, Traders, Associations, Customers, Suppliers and Potential new customers on the same platform. There will be an opportunity for an exchange of views between Manufacturers, Traders, Industries and Associations.

To Promote India, the preferred destination for sourcing the world class chemicals manufactured in the state-of-art facilities at most competitive prices, situated in friendly Export Environment with Focus on Green Chemistry. This exhibition will act as a catalyst to strengthen existing business relationship of our members and it will be an opportunity for our new members (Market entrants) who want to do the business with Australia.

There are so many exhibitors coming to Australia throughout the year. What makes the Indian delegation different from others?

The main objective of organising this exhibition is to showcase India’s Capabilities as a supplier of steady competitive and sustainable international quality products. The quality of Dyes, Chemicals, Agrochemical, and Cosmetics etc. are produced in India to meet the exacting standard said by International Customers.

Chemexcil with a membership base of over 4000 members provide free service as a reliable single point source of contacts to help overseas buyers in sourcing from India. We are sure this Exhibition would definitely benefits desire between two countries

Trade in Australia is still dominated by China, Europe and US. It is a known fact that Indian products have the world class quality, are manufactured in state-of-art facilities at very competitive prices, which are threat to Chinese and European products. India, therefore, has many a time faced malicious anti media campaign against their products, by multinationals.   Indian Dyes, Dye intermediates, Agrochemicals, Organic Chemicals, Intermediates and APIs are world famous and has a lion share in world export.

How well placed are the participants to cater to the standard and demand of the Australian market?

Since, all the delegates have been in business for over 25 years ”“ the given specification of the product can easily be matched. All the companies are ISO 9001-2008 certified.

The Indian Exhibitors are well placed and equipped to cater the developed countries, India’s top chemical exports destinations are EU, USA, China and Japan. All exporters are aware of and are well versed with the regulatory and quality standards.

How can Australian suppliers benefit by attending this delegation?

Australian buyers/suppliers can benefited bilaterally it will be a win a win situation for both countries. Suppliers can meet the Indian Exhibitors to know the Indian Market, and Buyers have an advantage of direct meeting, interaction with the exhibitors to know their required product and possibly negotiate the deal.

The two-way trade was valued at nearly USD 20 billion last year, which was double the trade in 2005.

India was in the front ranks of Australia’s International partnerships, according to Lachlan Strahan, Acting Australian High commissioner to India. Additionally, Australia’s innovation capability can contribute to enhancement of several business sectors in India. India’s need to develop and educate its human capital and Australia’s skills shortage would be a significant foundation of this relationship.

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