Nina Duvulari an Indian wins Miss America beauty title


Ecstatic Nina Duvuluri  

An Indian beauty studying to become a doctor in America has won  ”˜Miss America’ beauty title. Nina Davuluri being the first ever Indian to win the title, in a yellow canary gown, won  the coveted title along with $50,000 in scholarship as the prize.

Contestants, who came from varied cultural background were judged on evening gowns, lifestyle/fitness, talent, a personal interview and an on-stage question to which when asked about plastic surgery Nina’s answer was that people should make their own choices and should be confident of their appearances. Having fought bulimia and weight loss problem herself, Nina lost 60 pounds before she appeared in the contest. Nina has learnt classical Indian dance for six years and presented a Bollywood fusion dance for her item.

Davuluri’s parents are both doctors with her mother having  done a  degree from the University of Michigan  in brain behaviour and cognitive science.

She plans to follow in their footsteps  to become a physician and says she would love to attend Upstate Medical University.

She says she’s a ”˜Type A personality’, and makes it a priority to stay organised every minute.

The twitter in America went in a overdrive with comments that Nina is not truly an American calling her ”˜Arab’ and ”˜Miss Terrorist’. Though the controversy has turned out to be godsend for the beauty pageant as they provided a platform ”˜celebrating beauty through diversity’ as Time magazine observed in its report that ”˜ the days of peroxide blonde barbie dolls are over’.

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