Seniors targeted in computer virus scam


Savvy teller saves senior $550

An 81 year old Woolgoolga man has been saved from sending $550 to a ruthless scammer by  a National Australia Bank teller at his local Woolgoolga branch.

Senior citizen John Scott was contacted by telephone on Friday by scammers with foreign  accents who claimed to be representatives from Windows. They said their names were John  and Justin.

John the scammer provided the phone number 02 8006 9015 and told Mr Scott his computer  had a virus.

Justin the scammer then gave Mr Scott a set of complex instructions in order to access his  computer, following which he advised him to send $550 to E-Commerce with the following

bank details – BSB 015-343, Account 190315408.

Mr Scott received a number of calls chasing payment, so he went down to his local NAB  branch where a scam-savvy teller advised him the account number belonged to another bank.

The teller urged Mr Scott not to send the money because she believed he was being scammed.

Fair Trading Commissioner Rod Stowe said the incident highlighted the important role banks  and other agencies that do financial transactions have in protecting the public against scams.

“Were it not for this teller taking an interest in her elderly customer, Mr Scott could have been  $550 out of pocket, a substantial amount of money that would inevitably have been  compounded by a sense of embarrassment and disappointment common to scam victims,” he  said.

Kirk Kantzipas, NAB General Manager Financial Crime said NAB works with relevant law

enforcement authorities to shut down fraud when it occurs and pre-empt new fraud before it  occurs.

“NAB’s real-time fraud detection system alerts NAB’s fraud prevention team to suspicious  activity on customer accounts within seconds, 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” he said.

“NAB always advises customers to be aware of the practical steps they can take for their  personal and business security, including keeping a close eye on all account balances.

“We encourage customers to raise concerns with NAB’s Fraud Assist line on 1300 622 372 or  to visit your local branch.”

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