A world trip of 70,000 kms through 50 countries in 6 continents

tushar and sanjay

Tushar and Sanjay on a World Trip by road  

Tushar Agarwal and Sanjay Madan, founders of Adventure Overland  are currently on a 70,000 km long driving expedition through 50 countries in 6 continents. Their journey is called the  Great Indian World Trip.  They already hold 5 world records for driving and Tushar has authored a travelogue titled ‘Road Affair” – a book on his previous driving records.

The theme of the Great Indian World Trip is

1. To connect with NRIs, people of Indian origin living in different corners of the world and find out how is life for the Indian Disapora living in different corners of the world.

2. To spread awareness for a Delhi based Old Age Home and call upon the Indian Diaspora to donate towards our cause.

3. They are a team of 3 people including a cameraman who is making a TV Series documenting the lives of Indian people living in different corners of the world and I will also be writing by next book on this journey

They have already driven through India, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. Starting from 13th Nov 2013, they will be driving through Australia covering the entire country including Darwin, Alice Springs, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and back to Darwin. They will cover these cities by driving at least 15000 km in Australia.

About the trip the duo says that it comes naturally as they have travelled extensively throughout India.  Says Tushar, “Its always a dream to go outside to a foreign country. I have found the life of NRIs can be quite hard as they try to make the new country their home. It is hard to live away from home, away from their roots. We in India think that NRIS are prosperous on the outside, yet they miss their family. Also we think Indians are not thought of as explorers and we have spent a lot of time on planning, thought and dedication has gone into this trip as it is a very hard trip and we think we can do it.”

See more details about The Great Indian World Trip and share the journey of these two young Indian adventurers by visiting: www.GreatIndianWorldTrip.com


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