Tendulkar retirement overshadows the ODI series


TIDU reporter Gaurav Joshi reporting from India…

Such is the stature of Sachin Tendulkar in India, the ODI series against Australia has taken a back seat for the moment.   From the various press conferences the Indian players have conducted over the past few days, majority of the questions have been about the star batsmen. Even the Australian players have had to confront a barrage of questions about Tendulkar.

Over the next couple of days, BCCI is set to confirm Tendulkar, hometown will host the finale to a remarkable career. Even before the decision is confirmed the rush for tickets has already begun. Supporters from all around the world are expected to arrive and pay a ludicrous amount of money for the tickets.

Throughout his career Tendulkar has always drilled on the fact, team comes first before an individual but as off the field he is still the solitary crowd puller.   End of the season last year, Tendulkar was participating in a domestic match for Mumbai and simultaneously India was playing an ODI, the TV ratings seemed to favour hugely in Tendulkar’s favour.

For the sake of publicity of the game and especially the ODI series vs Australia one hopes both teams play some quality cricket otherwise the Tendulkar retirement will continue to make headlines over a much anticipated India vs Australia one day series.

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