This Diwali, Telstra helps you connect to your loved ones


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Telstra offers a superior mobile network experience but did you also know that they’ve got the best post-paid mobile call rates to India? Now you can enjoy twice the mobile coverage and a more reliable mobile network and also save on mobile calls to friends and family back home ”“ all with Telstra.

The best post-paid mobile call rates to India:

When you add the $10 International Pack to your Telstra post-paid mobile plan:

ü   Add a $10 International Pack to your Telstra Consumer Post-Paid mobile plan and get $10 of included value ”“ that’s up to 500 minutes of talk time to India every month.

ü   Even if you talk more than that, it’s still just 2 cents per minute and no connection fee to share all your Diwali stories the moment they happen!

ü   50% discount on SMS sent to all international destinations (usually a flat 50 cent fee for Every Day Connect Plans) within the pack.

ü   The $10 International pack gives you $10 of talk and text to standard fixed line and mobile numbers in India, China, Hong-Kong, Singapore and Thailand (excludes use overseas).

Twice the mobile coverage:

ü   The Telstra Mobile Network is Australia’s largest mobile network covering 99.3% per cent of the population across more than 2.3 million square kilometers.

ü   Telstra offers more than double the 4G coverage of other networks ”“ expanding to cover 85% of the Australian population by December 2013.

More reliable and faster speeds in more places

ü   The Telstra Mobile Network has been enabled with more coverage sites (7,800) than any other mobile network providing a more reliable coverage experience across Australia ”“ with fewer dead spots.

ü   Telstra’s superior network is underpinned by high capacity fibre backhaul ”“ this is a key differentiator that will ensure Telstra customers are able to enjoy faster speeds in more places across Australia.

There’s never been a better time to connect to Telstra. Switch today ”“ it’s easy! Visit your local Telstra store or call 1800 150 673 or visit

The Telstra mobile network offers 4G in all capital CBDs and associated airports, many surrounding suburban areas and in over 100 regional areas. You will automatically switch to our fastest available 3G in other coverage areas around Australia. Check coverage at

Thing you need to know: The $10 International Pack excludes MMS, video calls and use overseas. Your unused allowance will expire monthly. If you call destinations outside the selected countries, you’ll be charged our standard international rates and call connection fees.



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