A visit to Crystal Castle in Byron Bay

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CRYSTALS have the power to deepen our inner and outer sense of peace and enrich the spirit.
Drawn by the powers and energy of the place, I made an awesome journey to the Crystal Castle in Byron Bay recently to give a magical exercise to my mind, body and spirit.
My trip to the sacred site at Byron Bay was a “wow” moment because it offered a rare opportunity to connect with my inner self via crystals and holy symbols.
It was an extraordinary, breathtaking moment when I reached the hills of Mullumbimby to be greeted by the sight of more than 20,000 small, medium and giant crystals.
The 310kg rose quartz which rotates on a mere 0.3mm of water is an extraordinary feature in the courtyard.
The special site created by Naren King and his wife Sono is not known to many but anyone arriving there will instantly experience the energy of peace, tranquillity, calmness, healing and rejuvenation.
According to Naren, the beauty, peace and charm that an individual may feel at Crystal Castle is purely a reflection of who we are really.
Hugging, holding, touching and marvelling at the radiance and purity of the crystals would remind anyone of those qualities in themselves.
Besides adorning the hill with a variety of crystals imported from Brazil, the Kings have created a huge labyrinth symbol on the ground lined with hundreds of pieces of rose quartz.
The powerful sacred geometry is a classic symbol found in spiritual sites and it is said to be a portal into a revered time and space, where one may seek insights into life.

T Selva - 2small - 310 Kg Rose Quartz
As I walked on the mysterious winding path that took me to the centre, it gave me a sense of entering the unknown and embarking on a journey of self-discovery.
By walking towards the centre, it is believed that the neurological pathways between the left and right hemispheres of the brain are activated.
At the point of entering the labyrinth, I was requested to pose a question and invite existence to reveal the answer.
On my way to the centre, I was told that there would be an opportunity for me to let go of the details of my life, shedding thoughts and distractions, and at the same time opening the heart and quieting the mind.
Many thoughts rushed through my mind as I walked and reached the midpoint where I found a beautiful rose quartz flower signifying a place of prayer and contemplation.
A bamboo canopy walk at the Shambhala Garden which is decorated with plants and amazing sculptures and crystals was a unique experience.
I stopped there for several minutes to wait and receive the energy and messages.
My walk back out along the same path was calmer and more meditative, and provided me with rejuvenating insights into my current situation.
According to regular visitors, each journey is unique, no response is the same and guidance appears in many ways.
The labyrinth is increasingly used as a legitimate medical tool to help calm the agitated and to provide people with a quiet place to meditate. It is also a spiritual tool for reconnecting with our inner voice.
Walking the single path assists us in bringing together the analytical and rational part of our consciousness with the intuitive and spiritual aspect.
As I finished my walk through the maze in 30 minutes, in silence, I was sweating but felt a complete sense of satisfaction and unexplainable bliss.
Following this activity, my next stop was at the site’s Shambhala Garden which has two tall amethyst caves, plants and amazing sculptures and crystals.
Among the statues found in the sprawling garden are Dewi Sri, the goddess of rice; Ganesha, the remover of obstacles; Lakshmi, the goddess of fortune; and Avalokiteshvara, the embodiment of compassion.
A mural which incorporates the symbols of 12 of the world’s main faiths is etched in the stone of the archway to represent the oneness of humanity.
One extraordinary feature at the castle’s courtyard is a 310kg rose quartz crystal which rotates on a mere 0.3mm of water.
I collected some crystal-energised water from the fountain and sprinkled it over my head to perform a cleansing ritual.
A giant statue of Blessing Buddha with its lotus base is another major attraction and it invokes meditative and peaceful energies in anyone walking into its space.
I joined others to throw a coin at the Blessing Buddha statue and made a wish in silence.
A few steps away, goose pimples appeared all over my body when I approached a rare 8-metre Kalachakra Stupa (sacred monument) structure, created by Tibetan monks, in the picturesque garden. It was filled with sacred objects, scriptures and relics and highlighted the teachings of the first Dalai Lama.
As I circled around the World Peace Stupa, spinning the 54 brass prayer wheels ”“ each containing over 130,000 Om mani padme hum mantras ”“ I could instantly feel the spiritual vibration and connection.
Spiritual connection: Visitors spinning the 54 brass prayer wheels at the World Peace Stupa in Crystal Castle.
I further energised myself by hugging a giant sodalite, the crystal for understanding, and embracing a rose quartz to tap into its energy of love.
The holy garden also inspires visitors with words of wisdom from the Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela and author of spiritual books Eckhart Tolle, all engraved on huge rose quartz crystals.
The Crystal Castle was created over a 25 -year period. It was originally meant to set people along the paths of consciousness but has now also become a sanctified site for those seeking harmony and realisation.

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