Adios the ‘Little Master’



Millions of flannelled fools called him the Little Master, Some called him Master Blaster while he was Tendya to friends. Why, many even worshipped ”˜Sach’ the demi God, But to us he always will be little master Sachin.

Dadar born, and Bombay bred genius he always was, Named Sachin after his father’s favourite Sachin Dev Burman. Both excelled in their field of choice, though diverse, I once saw Sachin play as the ”˜ boy wonder’ at Shivaji Park.

The game of flannelled fools gifted to Indians by Poms, Sachin blasted the disgusted poms time and again. Hard working bowlers will now breathe a sigh of relief, as the stocky, short powerhouse of cricket walks away.

The game he began playing as a tiny lad of eleven, Amaranth Achrekar, honed ”˜Sach’ to test status at sixteen. The machine worked on and on in monotonous regularity, now to stop past two hundred tests and a pile of runs.

Though knew in local circles as a bully in his pre-teen days, he is now a paragon of virtues, a true blue gentleman. The Cricket world stood still as he descended down to the turf, he never let us down in any form of game he played.

Shower of Rose petals, Gold commemoration coins, special Gold coin for toss, accolades lavished in print media, a seat in the Law makers’ chamber, the title of Bharata Ratna, will not suffice to pay dividend to the brilliant ”˜Little Master?’

We won’t see the famous squat, look at the sun, and take guard, gardening invisible weeds, pile up runs in style and ease, may see the smiling face in Bandra walks or the commentary booths, but I can vouch the game won’t be the same anymore.

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