Aarushi’s parents found guilty


A case gone horribly wrong, young Arushi with mum Nupur and father Rajesh Talwar

A special court in Ghaziabad on Monday November 25, 2013 announced its verdict in the Aarushi-murder case, declaring Rajesh and Nupur Talwar guilty of killing their teenage daughter Aarushi and servant Hemraj in May 2008.

The duo was taken to Dasna jail in Ghaziabad after the verdict. Their lawyer will reportedly appeal against the judgment again, in a higher court.

The Ghaziabad court held both Talwars guilty of double murders and will announce the quantum of sentence on Tuesday, today the 26th of November. The maximum punishment the court shall order is either life imprisonment or death sentence.

The Talwar couple broke down after the verdict was announced, saying in a statement, “We are deeply disappointed, hurt and anguished for being convicted for a crime that we have not committed. We refuse to feel disappointed and will continue to fight for justice.”

Nupur and Rajesh Talwar were convicted under sections 302 (murder), 201 and 34 (common intention) of Indian Penal Code, reported ANI. Investigators claimed that Aarushi’s murder was an honour killing, where her parents killed her in a fit of rage after finding her with Hemraj in an ‘objectionable’ position.

The case was muddied by a series of embarassing errors by the Noida Police with the fact that it took an entire day after Aarushi was found dead for the police to walk upto the roof of her home where Hemraj’s body was discovered. On that terrace, the police allowed the media free access – reporters and others walked all over a crime scene.

A few days later, when a UP policeman declared, without a shred of evidence, at a press conference that Rajesh Talwar had killed his child. The motives he suggested ranged from Rajesh Talwar’s need to keep Aarushi and Hemraj from sharing details of an alleged extra-marital affair to the dentist acting in rage after he found his child in a compromising position with Hemraj.

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