Indian Gods on Beer Bottles Ridiculous – Stepan Kerkyasharian


Chair of the Community Relations Commission of NSW, Stepan Kerkyasharian responds to Brookvale Brewery’s ginger beer with Lord Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi


“Putting images of Indian gods on ginger beer and cider bottles is just ridiculous”,according to the Chair of the Community Relations Commission of NSW, Stepan Kerkyasharian.

He was commenting on the revelations at the weekend that the Brookvale Union Brewery in Sydney was selling bottles of ginger beer and apple cider with labels depicting the highly revered Hindu gods, Ganesh and Lakshmi

“If it’s meant to be a marketing ploy it is a totally insensitive. If it is meant to be light-hearted humour it falls flat.

”˜Mixing up the bodies and faces of male and female gods and superimposing the image of a cow, which is held sacred by all Hindus as the giver of life, could only be seen by a rational person as mischievous.

“Of course there is such a thing as Aussie humour that likes to be irreverent but never nasty or hurtful. These labels are not in the least bit creative or funny.

“I am writing to the company today asking them to withdraw the design material from their labels, their cartons and their website at the very least as a mark of respect  the loyal Australian community of Hindus who would be justifiably outraged by these insults to their deities.

“Australia is the world’s most successful and harmonious multicultural society and I am sure people of all faiths and of no-faith would find this offensive, Mr Kerkyasharian said.


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