Taronga Zoo has eight lively Lemurs as guests this summer

lemurs small

Taronga Zoo’s eight lively Ring-tailed Lemurs will be swinging into action these summer school holidays, as they settle into the zoo’s new Lemur Forest Adventure.

Opening in mid-December, the exhibit is the first of its kind in Australia, combining opportunities for education, active play and Lemur viewing in one amazing space.

The group of male lemurs, which includes Taronga Zoo mainstays, Andriba, Soalata, Andre and Makili and an energetic quartet from Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Julian, Casper, Maki and Bamboo, moved into their new home in November.

Senior Primate Keeper, Claire Chiotti, said: “Bringing the two lemur groups together has raised some challenges, as lemurs are intelligent animals with complex relationships which take time to form. We’ve worked hard to build rapport between the animals and they’ve been busy exploring and playing around in their wonderful new home.”

Located on the site of Taronga’s historic seal pools, the Lemur Forest Adventure invites visitors to follow a trail winding through dense forest gardens where they’ll discover sensory-based information suitable for all ages.

From there, visitors move into the centre of the exhibit and the Observation Outpost, where kids can climb, balance, swing, sway, slide and splash on a range of exciting new play structures and mimic the behaviour of the lemurs living in the adjacent enclosure.

Adult visitors can relax while watching the kids and lemurs play, soak in harbour views and enjoy refreshments from the nearby café stall. A penny press housed in a tree sculpture can also create a souvenir of your visit for a small fee, with funds raised going to support Taronga’s Madagascan lemur conservation projects.

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These school holidays will also be a great chance to see the newest addition to Taronga’s Chimpanzee  group, born to mother Kuma in October. The healthy  baby has become steadily more familiar with life within the chimpanzee community and has generated plenty of excitement among Taronga’s chimps, keepers and visitors alike.

Taronga’s carnivore keepers are also celebrating the arrival of three Fennec Fox kits to mother, Kebili, and father, Zinder. The curious kits are still spending a lot of time in the security of their nest box, but visitors may glimpse them during feeding time.

Of course there’s plenty more to discover at Taronga Zoo, with animal encounters, shows and talks throughout the day.

Taronga Zoo is open 9.30-5pm every day of the summer school holidays. For more information visit www.taronga.org.au


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