Kapil Sharma made Sydney laugh

Kapil 1

By Manju Mittal

When it comes to making people laugh and laugh out loud, Kapil Sharma needs no introduction. In a world that is full of sadness and pessimism at times there are a few who make it their profession to make other people laugh and at least momentarily make them forget their worries and pain of life through laughter. Kapil Sharma is one such man. He has been awarded not only for his talent but also for his generosity as a human being.

Hailing from Amtritsar,  Kapil Sharma became a household name when he won The Great Indian Laughter Challenge conducted by Star One television channel. This multi-talented young man has since become famous as a stand-up comedian, actor, singer and television host. He was the winner of the stand-up comedy reality series and is considered as one of the best comedians in India. On November 16th, ”˜Kapil Sharma   Fusion Unleashed Comedy’ show was held at Sydney Whitlam Leisure Centre Liverpool. MC Nitin Madan and Charming Indu Thakkar welcomed the audience with performances by Maxine Salma’s dance group Road2 Bollywood. Kapil started at 8 30 pm and as he took to stage, the audience were in for a non-stop comedy by this witty comedian as people chuckled and laughed all the way   till late at night. Kapil is a natural someone who can perform amazing mimicry and keep the audience entertained with funny jokes. There was a time when people used to ask any visitor from India about any new jokes but here was Kapil who was pelting jokes galore as audience were splitting with laughs. His jokes were so funny that by the end our tummies were hurting.  Not only that Kapil is an amazing singer too as he mixed songs, mimicry,  jokes, witty quips all the way and he was doing it live right in front of us.

Kapil 2

Other performers Navraj Hans, Teji Sandhu, Zublie Baruah and Arjit Singh were outstanding. It was indeed a treat for the music connoisseurs when Arjit Singh performed live, Arjit Singh is an Indian play back singer and music producer whose songs have been featured in recent Bollywood movies like Aashiqui2. It was a rare opportunity to witness the liveliest show full of energy. He called the audience to come near the stage and sang Aashiqui2 songs. The audience quickly formed a rapport with him. Arjit stole every one’s heart with his voice and wonderful personality.

Kapil 3

It was an exciting experience meeting Kapil Sharma, Navraj Hans and Arjiit Singh after the show. It is quite frustrating that Indian shows always start late and this also was no exception as it was good hour and a half late. Even the sound system was not up to the mark. It was pleasure to be there though and spend the night in company of Kapil Sharma who truly made the evening quite memorable in spite of the glitches.

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