‘Mandela – a man of the century’ – Stepan Kerkyasharian


The Chair of the Community Relations Commission of New South Wales, Stepan Kerkyasharian, has added his voice to the flood of international praise for the life of Nelson Mandela.

“I remember nominating him in a newspaper survey in 1999 as the man of the century.

“His humanity stood in stark contrast to the decades of inhumanity witnessed around the globe in the 20th Century.

“Two world wars, nuclear weapons, the ideological wars, the emergence of terrorism, famine and genocide characterised the century.

“Nelson Mandela stood out as a beacon of hope for all peoples. He delivered for his own people of South Africa whilst inspiring everyone, everywhere.

“He taught us to rise above the personal to promote the harmonious co-existence of people of different races without a hint of bitterness of past personal suffering.

“Long may his influence last!”   Mr Kerkyasharian concluded.

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