Spams are such a bother!


Neena Badhwar

Today just before deleting spam emails my eyes just could not but not overlook messages sent by spammers who are out just to con gullible people.

How can one get duped by such emails defies logic or perhaps one is hopelessly naïve.

Here are some of the examples:

Mr Gabriel Addo’s subject matter is :  ”˜Kindly read and get back to me urgently’.

David j Barman writes: ”˜YOUR COMPENSATION PAYMENT’

Loan Department: Get up to 1500 US Dollars ”“ Bad Credit OK

Fraud Monitoring Offer: You May Have to Changes to Your Credit Scores

Services:   Your credit card information has been changed

ANZ Bank: upgrade your account

St George Internet Banking: Account Security Upgrade

Adams Zake: I am waiting to hear from you

Chevrolet: Chevrolet Motors Promos has selected you for $100,000,000.00 ”¦.

Notice: Westpac bank notice

Admin: Dear Account Owner”¦Dear Account Owner following security breach”¦.

Money Transfer Department:  “Pay Day too far ”“ get upto 1500 now”

Mr Victor Ibe: from Mr Victor Ibe/Inheritance proposal

We: Congratulations: My wife and I won the Euro Millions Lottery & we are willing to”¦.

Deng Ziang Hua MD: $200,000.00 Cash donation”¦

National Australia Bank: Online Security Notice! Dear Customer, your access to”¦

HSBC Bank: Re: Matter of Urgency  ”“ Good Day Friend this is a personal email”¦

Western Union Office: (no subject) confirm your $30000.00”¦

Next Pay Advance: We have the cash you need ”“ get up to $1000 USD”¦

FMB : Unclaimed Fund Notice

Like the ones above one receives hundreds of emails in the spam box. They speak for themselves yet some of us who are gullible or simple enough to bite such conning baits  and can end to be the victims. In our own Indian community some have who been conned and are too embarrassed to even admit.

The only solution is just to hit the delete button on these irritating messages. They should be trashed regularly without even going in and bothering to take a look let alone read such cons which may lead to links which could threaten your computer and the rest.

Enjoy a spam-free 2014 without entertaining such con artists!

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