Minister visits Manrajwinder Singh who was bashed in Melbourne on December 29

Manrajvinder Singh

Manrajwinder with brother Yadwinder and mum visited by Minister Matthew Guy at Alfred Hospital

State Minister of Planning  Hon. Matthew Guy  along with FIAV President  Vasan Srinivasan, EC member  Goldy Brar  visited  Manrajwinder Singh  an accounting student from Cambridge College and his parents who arrived from India at Alfred hospital last week where he has been recovering since his bashing.

VMC Commissioner  Chidambaram Srinivasan  along with African community leaders & VMC Commissioner  Abeselom Nega, the former Commissioner  Ellini Berdad  also accompanied the visit to wish him a speedy recovery. They condemned the group of people responsible for this incident.

Manrajvinder Singh with grandfather

Manrajwinder at home in India before moving to Australia to study accountancy

Manrajwinder Singh was bashed, robbed and punched in the head at Birrarung Marr on Sunday 29 December morning by a gang of eight people known as KYR, acronym ”˜Kill Your Rival’, which targeted vulnerable people, particularly people of Indian appearance.  The CCTV footage had captured the eight youths approaching the three Indian friends at Birrarung Marr railway station. Four men out of the eight have been captured while the rest four are wanted for questioning according to Yadwinder Singh, Manraj’s elder brother. According to a detective who testified in court that Manraj’s friends could not describe which youths were responsible for the attacks, other than that they were of African appearance. The judge denied a  17-year-old Sydenham boy one of the four who have been arrested.  

Due to the seriousness of his injuries Manraj was placed in an induced coma to assist his recovery and he came out of coma on January 7.

Vasan Srinivasan said FIAV has always taken assault cases seriously and is working with Victoria police and the Indian Consul General and Cambridge International College Management to provide all possible support to the Singh family.

Arun Yoshith, the Marketing Manager Cambridge College, assisted FIAV to contact Mr. Singh’s family and his brother Yarwinder Singh in Melbourne.

While speaking with Mr Singh; the Planning Minister said that he is deeply concerned about Mr. Singh’s health and that this tragic incident should never have happened. He wished him quick recovery and the courage to get through this unfortunate time. He promised to see the young man again after he regains good health.

Minister Guy also said that the government would provide every support possible that he may require for his welfare through the Federation of Indian Associations of Victoria (FIAV), Indian Consul General  and Cambridge International College.

African community leaders discussed with Minister Guy and FIAV that  they will communicate with their community about the solidarity between two communities. They said that  this was an isolated incident and would send a stern message to their community that this kind of behaviour was wrong and would not be tolerated.

The Australian Immigration Department in the meantime has said that the circumstances will be taken into consideration and it will work with the family to ensure Manrajwinder can remain in Australia legally.

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