It’s Jhappi time!


Anupam Sharma, Minister for Arts George Souris , Sandra Chipchase, CEO Destination NSW and Premier Barry O’Farrell doing  Bollywood and ‘Namastey’ at the launch of ‘Jhappi time’ campaign

By Neena Badhwar

Jhappi or Japphi, as they say in true blue Punjabi, is a ”˜loving’ hug – chosen as a theme to mark the time for Indian tourists to embrace NSW as their tourist destination.

The Indian visitors to Australia are on the rise, their numbers being on a steady climb having increased by 9.4 per cent in 2013 than the year before. Indian tourists are now among the top ten nationalities visiting Australia.

India TVC

Destination NSW has embarked on a strong marketing campaign with the slogan ”˜Jhappi time’ to woo the Indian tourists. The advertisements for the campaign have been created and filmed right here in NSW, featuring the Indian community Down Under and using stories that express a longing to ”˜hug’ families and relatives and have a great time while visiting NSW.


Jhappi Time launch

A bit of  excitement,  jumping and Bollywood – with an invitation to visit NSW at the ‘Japphi time’ Campaign launch at MCA on February 11, 2014

Visiting family and relatives is the biggest reason the 164, 000 Indian visitors to Australia gave when they visited last year. This earned NSW AUD 183 million in revenue as each visitor on average spent $2315 on travel, stay and visiting tourist attractions that included sightseeing, eating out, shopping for pleasure and even going to the beach. Of the total number of Indian tourists to Australia, NSW attracted almost half of them – 77,700 visitors who stayed mostly at home with friends or relatives. These visitors are expected to rise to 333,000 Australia wide by 2020 ”“ almost a 100 per cent increase.

Destination NSW CEO Sandra Chipchase, just after a day in India, felt how important family relationship and values were for Indians. She started looking for a catch phrase and asked Paramjit Bawa, Manager, Destination NSW in Mumbai office, “Give me a word that truly describes a ”˜hug’ “.

Sandra Chipchase who thought of the theme  ‘a loving hug’ or ‘a jhappi’ is what would win Indian tourists to NSW

“He came up with a few words but ”˜Jhappi’ is the one that struck me as the most appropriate. It sounded to me as a word which is quite close to the word ”˜happy’,” Sandra says.

“And when I came back here and talked to my team and Anupam Sharma whose company ”˜film and Casting Temple’ we used for creating ”˜Jhappi time’ ads ”“ he loved the idea and was quite excited about it. We put in all our time, effort and money in creating the campaign to help not just the tourism but help better cultural ties with India,” she says.

The ”˜Jhappi time’ campaign was launched at the Museum of Contemporary Arts by NSW Premier, Barry O’Farrell, on February 11. He said, “Almost 60 per cent of the visitors visited NSW for the first time, visiting family and friends. This can help grow other industries such as financial services, infrastructure, location education, tourism, major events, film and creative ventures. And we know that this can help grow cultural exchanges between NSW and India. We already have sister state relation with Maharashtra and are planning to do the same with the state of Gujarat. I am delighted that NSW has taken the tourism lead with ”˜Jhappi time’ to encourage people from India to visit family and friends in NSW. Jhappi time will help people share activities and NSW attractions with families and friends.”

NSW Minister for Arts, George Souris, was happy to try out some Bollywood gestures with the dancers on the harbour launching the campaign. He said, “Jhappi time campaign will benefit the Indian visitors and help double the traffic by 2020 with all the activities on offer for consumers through various link ups with travel sites.”

India TVC

Coconut breaking ceremony and puja to kick off the ‘Jhappi’ campaign

Sandra Chipchase, excited about the campaign, how the local Indian community got involved, says, “They were superb and just so generous and supportive. The community at large can now help promote the ”˜Jhappi time’ ads. It is an opportunity for everyone settled here to invite friends and family over and be able to show how they live, study, enjoy great outdoors, food and our great tourist attractions. As you know Sydney was voted as the safest city in the world and a tourist attraction.


A jump and a feeling of joy one gets when hugged by a loved one is what Destination NSW is promoting to woo Indian visitors to NSW

“About 77,000 of the total 164,000 tourists to Australia from India came to NSW and spent around AUD 183 million here. With ”˜Jhappi time’ we plan to increase it by a further 10 per cent. We have tried to add value by giving offers through various travel agents, through packages and affordable accommodation. With ”˜Jhappi time’ you can send digital cards to families and friends encouraging them to visit our state,” she says.

With well known Indian community members acting in the ”˜Jhappi time’ ads ”“ Aishveryaa Nidhi, Zenia Starr, Lucky Singh, Mala Mehta, Balbir Singh and Dilip Rao, they will act as the cultural magnets to drive the true message of ”˜Jhappi’ or ”˜Japphi’ back home as the ads get released on television, radio, print and digital media in NSW, Australia and also in India.

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