Many multicultural grants cancelled

One government promises things and the other one takes it away by making new promises. Along with new programs a whole gamut of new ways of filling in grant applications and new rules apply. Grants are always quite difficult to get and one has to go through a difficult process before the grants are approved. Most of the Indian community organisations find it hard to apply thus for grants which can be a headache. Moreover many do not even know how to apply and write for a grant and hence give up. While the Indian community works hard, is one of the highest earning and tax paying community in Australia yet  it claims paltry sum by way of grants.

Liberal Party has cancelled many grants to various ethnic and multicultural organisations and schools of about 130 projects in NSW itself which were not only promised but approved by the Labor government.

The Indian community all over Australia is set to loose many such grants.

NSW Shadow Minister for Citizenship and Communities Guy Zangari has slammed the Liberal Party for cancelling a major program of multicultural community  grants  to 130 projects across Sydney and NSW ”“ and called on Premier Barry O’Farrell to step up to the plate and make up the funding shortfall.

The Abbott Liberal Government has abolished funding for the Building Multicultural Communities Program ”“ controversially refusing to honour contracts for projects signed off before the last election

In all,  a total of 130 projects in NSW worth $5 million have been quietly cancelled including:


·                  Bankstown Multicultural Youth Service  ”“$152,036 cut ”“ depriving it of new desks, chairs, computers and printing facilities;

·                  Australian Chinese Buddhist Temple in Bonnyrigg  ”“ $150,000 cut ”“ depriving it of a new community hall;

·                  Assyrian Resource Centre in Fairfield  – $$150,000 cut ”“ depriving it of a centre upgrade;

·                  Hindu Society of NSW  – $75,600 cut ”“ depriving it of essential temple renovation/restoration works.

In response to the above cuts, Minister for Citizenship and Communities Victor Dominello said, “Guy Zangari’s defence of Rudd-Gillard Government funding, cynically promised to multicultural organisations five minutes before their impending electoral demise, was a reminder of NSW Labor’s 16 years of economic mismanagement and tokenism towards multiculturalism”

“It is reckless and cruel of the Federal Labor Government to make promises to multicultural organisations they knew they would never be asked to deliver,” Mr Dominello said.

“Labor had six years to roll-out a program in an organised and transparent way. Instead they chose to introduce $4.55 million in ”˜one-off’ funding three months before the Federal election.

Community groups were sent letters of offer in August 2013, during the Caretaker period of the Federal Election, for applications made under the Building Multicultural Communities Program.

In light of the current state of the Federal Budget, with Labor’s $144 billion debt legacy, the Commonwealth Department of Social Services has withdrawn offers of funding.

“The NSW Government believes multiculturalism is one of our state’s greatest economic assets and we are genuinely engaging and consulting with multicultural communities.

“We support projects which foster community harmony and social inclusion through the  Community Relation Commission’s $1.4 million  Multicultural Advantage Grants Program  and increased its funding by 2.4 per cent last year.

Indian migrant community has worked hard as migrants and need support e.g. in areas such as:  helping settle newly arrived migrants, seniors and much needed support services for healthy ageing and also supporting women to do with domestic violence cases .

Here is a list of grants  of Indian subcontinent community that have been cancelled with hundreds more from other multicultural communities:

Name of Organisation Electorate Total Allocated Project Description
BANGLADESHI SENIORS CLUB, CANBERRA INC Canberra $4,000 PA system, a projector and a laptop
BENGALI CULTURAL ASSOCIATION CANBERRA INC., THE Canberra $10,000 Increase the number of performances held throughout the year
Canberra Tamil Association Fraser $3,700 Office equipment
DANTE ALIGHIERI SOCIETY OF CANBERRA INCORPORATED Fraser $4,635 Computer, television, DVD player, projector and white board
KARTANAKA ASSOCIATION OF CANBERRA INCORPORATED Fraser $9,935 Office equipment and outdoor furniture
PAKISTAN CULTURAL ASSOCIATION Fraser $10,000 BBQ and office equipment and outdoor furniture
VEDIC SAMITI NEWCASTLE INC Charlton $94,363 Renovation and additional space at the cultural centre
Afghan Community Support Association of NSW INC Greenway $29,091 Library equipment IT equipment
AUSTRALIAN ZOROASTRIAN ASSOCIATION OF NSW INC Mitchell $8,262 Storage shelves, folding tables, stackable chairs, chair trolley, data projector and PA system
HINDU SOCIETY OF NSW INC Parramatta $75,600 Renovate and restore temple
SIKH YOUTH AUSTRALIA INCORPORATED Parramatta $2,308 Portable projector, a wireless microphone set, a tablet computer and two promotional banners
SRI MANDIR INC Reid $8,000 Air conditioner and security systems
City of Canterbury Watson $10,905 Partitions and IT equipment
Rangdhanu  Aus Bangla Cultural Society Inc. Watson $3,600 Sound equipment
SHREE SANATAN DHARM SABHA OF NSW INC Werriwa $150,000 Install air conditioning, sound and emergency alert systems and AV projector
SIKH MISSION CENTRE SYDNEY INC Werriwa $10,000 Computer, photocopier and chair
GUJJU LIONS ASSOCIATION OF BRISBANE INC. Brisbane $1,500 Purchase cricket equipment to allow the club to participate in junior and senior cricket competitions
BANGLADESH PUJA & CULTURAL SOCIETY OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA INC Makin $3,000 Data projector, laptop computer and multi-function printer andcommercial rice cooker
INDIAN SENIOR CITIZENS ASSOCIATION OF VICTORIA INC Bruce $5,645 Projector, a surround sound system, a projector screen, five iPads, two routers, a one year broadband internet contract and a Blu Ray player
INDIAN SENIORS ASSOCIATION WEST INC Calwell $3,450 Wireless microphone and projector



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