Rogue Elephant by Simon Denyer

Rogue Elephant

Simon Denyer

rogue elephant

A lively portrait the state of India today and an investigation of what the future holds for the world’s fastest-growing country, as told by those in the thick of the action


In October 2010, India hosted the Commonwealth Games. While normally a straightforward celebration of athletic prowess, this time the world’s press focused on the competitors’ poor living conditions and Delhi’s unsafe sports arenas ? both indications of wide-scale fund embezzlement. What could have been an opportunity to showcase the country’s recent economic and democratic advancement ended up exposing the greed and corruption at the heart of modern India. Despite these signs that the country’s growth has simply given more money to the ruling elite, Simon Denyer sees hope in India’s future. The rise of the India Against Corruption movement and the ten-thousand-people-strong anti-corruption protest that took place in August 2011 signal the people’s desire for change. In this startling new book, Denyer studies those with the power to affect that change and those driven to fight for it. Through original interviews with influential movement leaders, including crusading lawyer Bhuwan Ribhu and the world’s longest hunger striker Irom Sharmila, powerful media figureheads such as the brash anchor and editor of Times Now, Arnab Goswami, and significant political figures, including chief minister Narendra Modi and prime minister Manmohan Singh, Denyer exposes the battles taking place both inside and outside the government. And by reaching the centre of many of the country’s most troublesome issues, he discovers the signs of new and vigorous life.

Rogue Elephant  paints a vivid and comprehensive picture of India today; of the tensions splitting the country, of the possible futures that await it and of what may happen if the people cannot control the beast.

Simon Denyer was the India bureau chief for the  Washington Post. Previously, he has been the Washington bureau chief for Reuters, he ran the Reuters bureau in India, and he spent two years immediately after 9/11 doing the same thing in Pakistan and Afghanistan. He is editor of  Foreign Correspondent: Fifty Years of Reporting South Asia, an anthology of writing about the subcontinent. He has made frequent TV appearances in the United States and India, and also worked as for Reuters Television as an anchor and correspondent. He spent more than four years covering East Africa for Reuters out of Nairobi, and has also worked in New York, London, and Paris. He currently lives in China as the China bureau chief for the  Washington Post.

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Number of pages: 384
Publication Date: April 2014
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