Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj on Australia and NZ tour in April 2014


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Devotees of Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj are ecstatic about their favourite guru maharaj who have been, since last year, waiting for his grace as he comes on a month long tour to Australian subcontinent in April. Up until now the devotees have travelled far and wide to listen to his inspiring talks and satsang or just be in his company and learn about meditation and spirituality first hand. Now this great spiritual master Sant Rajinder Singh Ji is coming to Australia and conducting meditation and spirituality sessions in Perth (April 1); Sydney (April 5-6); Adelaide (April 9-10); Melbourne (April 12 -13); Auckland (April 16 and April 18). Guruji Maharaj’s Australia-NZ tour is organised by Science of Spirituality.

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Last year Sant Rajinder Singh ji Maharaj was honoured in America at the 33rd annual banquet of Indian American Medical Association of Illinois.

This internationally recognized spiritual Master of meditation on the inner Light and Sound was in ­troduced, at the banquet, with a tribute to his many achievements as president of the Human Unity Conference, head of Science of Spirituality, and best-selling author of books translated into over fifty languages including Meditation as Medication for the Soul, Inner and Out ­er Peace through Meditation, Empowering Your Soul through Meditation, and Spark of the Divine.

H. H. Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj has presented the benefits of meditation to medical prac ­titioners worldwide including the National Institute of Health, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, and universities such as Harvard University, University of California, Berkeley, IIT Madras (Chennai), IIT Delhi, and IIT Mumbai with many doctors learning the meditation technique from him and are using it regularly in their practices on their patients with great results.

Maharaji ji congratulated the doc ­tors at the banquet for their tireless work to assist patients in achieving im ­peccable health.

He noted that it is a universal truth that the health of our body and mind depend unequivo ­cally on our spiritual health. He spoke on the importance of medi ­tation, citing national journals that have pub ­lished research into the physical, mental, and emotional advantages of meditation. These ben ­efits, the spiritual Master explained, are merely by products of the medi ­tation practice. The true purpose of meditation is to experience the reality of our true selves, who we really are at the level of our soul.

He also spoke about the research into near-death experiences by medi ­cal doctors Raymond Moody and Melvin Morris who investigated this phenomenon and concluded that spirit or soul exists beyond the human body, mind, and emotions. The spiritual Master stated that vistas of in ­ner light, beauty, and music, as well as the Power that brought all creation together, exist within each and every one of us.

“We do not have to undergo physi ­cal trauma he said, but through meditation, we can experience this reality ourselves. He then explained the simple process of Jyoti meditation ”“ a form of meditation focussing on the inner Light and he demonstrated it by putting the audience of hundreds of doctors and medical practitioners into meditation,” Swami ji said to the present. After the uplifting discourse, His Holiness Sant Ra ­jinder Singh Ji Maharaj was presented with an honor ­ary plaque by the IAMA.

Science of Spirituality invites all the devotees to attend these programs by one of the great spiritual Masters  of our time as this tour is a once in a life time spiritual experience right here in Australia.

Tour Schedule:


Tuesday 1 April    

6:30 pm Public Talk:”Discover Inner Peace”
7:30 pm Initiation

Venue:  Novotel Perth  Langley
221 Adelaide Terrace,  Perth

For Further Information
Dr. Parshotam Gera.  Phone:+61894985756;  Cell:  +61419125486


Saturday 5 April

7:30 pm: Public Talk “Meditation as Medication for the Soul”

Sunday 6 April

2:30 pm: Public Talk “Journey through the Spiritual Realms”
3:30 pm:  Initiation  

Venue:  Both events will be held at the  Sheraton on the Park Hotel,
161 Elizabeth Street, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

For Further Information
Contact: Dr. Tauqir Ahmad, Sydney. Phone: +61296345805  Cell: +61431718888;Email:



Wednesday 9 April


7:00 pm: Public Talk “Key to Lasting Happiness”
Venue:  Adelaide Convention Centre Hall, North Terrace, Adelaide

Thursday 10 April
7:00 pm: Public Talk “Spark of the Divine”
8:00 pm: Initiation

Venue:  The Sebel Playford  Adelaide, 120 North Terrace, Adelaide

For Further Information
Contact: Keith Edwards, Phone: +61882616362 Cell: +61401092255 or Delia Krcmarov: Cell: +61414433598; Email:



Saturday, 12 April

2:00 pm: Meditation Seminar
7:00 pm: Public Talk “Secret to Spiritual Wealth”

Sunday, 13 April

1:30 pm: Public Talk “Experience Regions of Light Within”
3:00 pm: Initiation

Venue:  Both events will be held at the Melbourne Convention Centre,
1 Convention Centre Place, South Wharf, Melbourne

For Further Information

Contact: Etienne de Lavaulx. Phone:+61398988950;  Cell: +61425756258;  Email:



Auckland (New Zealand)

Wednesday, 16 April

2:00 pm: Public Meditation Seminar
7:00 pm: Public Talk “Peace through Spiritual Growth”

Friday, 18 April

3:00 pm: Public Talk “Explore Inner Treasures”
4:00 pm: Initiation

Venue:  All events are held at the Langham Hotel Auckland, 83 Symonds Street, P.O. Box 2771, Auckland 1001 New Zealand

For Further Information

Contact: June Cade, Phone: +6498466715 or  Andrew Murray, Phone: +64274767674  Email:

Initiation into to the light and sound offered after one of the talks in each tour stop.


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