The Kama Sutra Diaries by Sally Howard

The Kama Sutra Diaries

Sally Howard

kamasutra diaries

A ‘sexploration’ of modern India: Behind the scenes and between the sheets.


From the heat of anti-rape protest on the streets of New Delhi to the cool hills of Shimla, playground of the Raj; from a Gujurati retirement home for gay men and eunuchs to a busy sex clinic in Chennai; from patriarchs to matriarchs; GIGs (Good Indian Girls), BIGs (Bad Indian Girls) and the fleshpots of Bombay, she – accompanied by feisty Delhi girl Dimple – lifts the bed sheets on India’s sexual revolution.

And it’s a revolution that’s full of fascinating surprises and contrasts; for India – the land that gave us that exuberant guide to sexual pleasure, the Kama Sutra – is also the land where women remain cloistered in purdah while teenage girls check out porn online; where families bow down to a conjoined phallus and vagina, the ‘Shivaling’, while couples fear to hold hands in public; and where the loveless arranged marriage is still the norm.

Colourful, compelling, confounding,  The Kama Sutra Diaries  reveal what India has to tell us about modern-day love, sex and sexuality.

Sally Howard is a travel and human-interest journalist who writes regularly on India for some of the world’s most prestigious media, including  The Sunday Times, the  Telegraph,  and  Forbes. She spends at least six months of the year on the road, primarily in South and East Asia from where she has reported on such diverse issues as the re-emergence of concubines in booming Beijing to the rise of the Indian love marriage.

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Publisher: Nicholas Brealey
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Number of pages: 288
Publication Date: February 2014
Edition Number: 1

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