Unplug on March 7-8 2014 ”“ the National Day of Unplugging


Are you the person who can’t live without your mobile phone. Soon as you misplace it or can’t find it  hell breaks loose. Under the pillow, on the table ”¦the whole house goes into searching mode as you make family members call on it so that you can track it.

Mobile phone has become our life line as we spend quite a lot of time engaged on it in various ways ”“ Calling, SMSing, listening to music, conducting business transactions, googling, apping, facebooking and the rest.

The phone is pretty addictive  as life passes by with your near and dear ones who are equally engaged in a similar fashion. Each one of us completely engaged to ourselves and the virtual social network that we have developed. Surely Darwin had not envisaged this kind of scenario in his theory of natural selection.

Come this Friday March 7-8, 2014, sundown to sundown, is the National Day of Unplugging. It would be an opportunity to unplug from the techno world of today and plug on to normal life and people around us rather than walking, sitting, sleeping and spending time with the phone. Besides some essential calls one should put phone, ipod, ipad, laptop away for a day and connect to people around us.

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