India club meeting to discuss changes to Racial Vilification Act on April 13

India Club is conducting a very important meeting on Sunday April 13. President of the Club, Mrs Shubha Kumar urges the community to attend, “It is absolute must  for everyone and their friends to attend the discussion on changes to Racial vilification Act 1975 section 18C and 18D that affect us all. All  are welcome, please forward this message and publicise and get as many people involved as you can from the Indian community.”

Agenda: Community discussion and required Action on  “Racial Discrimination Act 1975, Government proposed changes” on Sunday the April 13, 2014 at 2 pm to 5pm at IC Get together at  Epping Leisure and Learning Centre,  1, Chambers Court, Epping Below Epping Library (Off Pembroke Street)     Please  RSVP  to help organize light refreshments: Shubha Kumar 98731207/ 0402 257 588 Email:

One may be aware, the Federal Government has released an exposure draft of proposed changes to the  Racial Discrimination Act 1975. These changes revolve around Section 18, which prohibits speech which “offends, insults, intimidates or humiliates” a person based on their race or ethnicity.

Says Shubha, “The community concern is that these changes would give a green light to the worst types of hate speech. It will have negative consequences for us all.  You may see:

Section 18 of the  Racial Discrimination Act  has provided redress for people who experience racial abuse. The current law does not make racial abuse a criminal offence, but gives people an opportunity to report racial abuse to the Australian Human Rights Commission or seek legal redress through the courts.

Under the Government’s proposals, existing protections against racially motivated attacks are significantly narrowed and the exemptions to the law are expanded.

Most strikingly, these changes would shield and privilege behaviour that promotes conflict, resentment or hatred between people and enshrine what the Coalition Attorney-General, Senator George Brandis, has called the “right to be a bigot.”

We believe that no one should have the right to abuse or threaten others with racially charged language.  The changes threaten the harmony of our community and the wellbeing of Australians of diverse backgrounds.

The Federal Government is inviting submissions from the general community on the proposed changes and  we strongly urge you to take up the opportunity for action.

Together, we will strive to reaffirm Australia’s commitment to a harmonious, multicultural society free of hate speech.

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