A message from the Prime Minister ”“ Budget 2014

tony abbott









Since coming to government, my colleagues and I have been putting in place our Economic Action Strategy to build a strong and prosperous economy for a safe and secure Australia.

The Budget, to be delivered on Tuesday night is another big step forward in strengthening our economy.

For many months, the Government has been carefully and methodically working on this Budget.   We’ve had an audit report, we’ve dealt with the experts and we’ve undertaken detailed economic analysis.

It will be a responsible Budget and it will be a fair Budget.   It will be fair because all of us will play our part.

By sharing the load, we lighten the load ”“ and together we can chip away at the debt and deficits that are currently costing Australians $1 billion every single month in interest, in dead money.

While the debt and deficit problem that we face is not of our making, the Coalition Government is taking responsibility for getting the Budget back on track.

And we are honouring our commitments to end the waste, to get the Budget under control and to build the infrastructure of the 21st  century.

Our legislation to scrap the carbon tax is ready to be passed ”“ this carbon tax is a $550 a year hit on the average Australian family.

So on Tuesday, Australians will see that the Government is keeping its commitment to repair the Budget, to strengthen the economy and to invest in the roads of the future.

This is an important time for our country ”“ the Government will build a stronger, more sustainable economy where every Australian can share in the benefits.

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