Modi wave turns into tsunami claiming 284 seats

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Modi has done it. He asked for 300 lotuses and the people of India gave him 340 with BJP winning 284 seats on its own steam.

And having won the election with outright majority the jubilant crowds waited for him to show up but all Modi does is that he gets out in the middle of maddening crowd to visit his 80 year old mum and touch her feet and take her blessings for a job well done. In fact very well as his mother kissed him and fed him laddus with family members and their kids gathered around Modi.

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BJP under Modi has defied all polls and done better than any of the predictions as whole of India sat twiddling its thumbs with various politicians such as Jayalalitha and other waiting for Modi’s call for NDA support. But today on May 16 the tables completely turned as Modi won a landslide victory which many TV channels  dubbed that  the Modi wave had    turned the election results into a maha tsunami.

BJP’s 284 and NDA’s 340 seats have pushed parties like the Congress and others  in one corner taking the major slice of the cake and in some states  totally wiping out the rest. In Gujarat BJP got 26 out of 26 and in Delhi 7/7, Uttar Pradesh delivered 73 out of 80 seats with Mayawati’s BSP with zero seat, Rajasthan 25/25, Madhya Pradesh 27/29 and Bihar 31/40 . Narendra Modi has won both in Varanasi and Vadodra from where he stood election. To the Vadodra people he gave a big thanks and said, “Aapne mujhe desh ka bana diya.”

In his victory speech he said that it was the victory of 125 crore people of India and said, “Main desh ka sabse bada mazdoor hoon aur aap sabka sewak hun.”

Modi’s message of development, change and stability won him the overwhelming support of the voters. Modi is a hard worker as one saw how he worked day and night during the election campaign and in his speech he said, “Main chaar bar CM bana hoon aur ek baar bhi maine chhutti nahi li.”

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Sydney Indian community was on its own high as it celebrated all over in gatherings and in homes glued to TV watching the phenomenal victory of BJP.

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The community celebrated  in Harris Park when the crossing of Wigram Street  became the place of dhols and dance as supporters of the BJP ran amok.


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Over 500 people gathered at the Grand Marion at Harris Park organised by Sanjay Patel of Patel Bros and Friends of BJP Australia as people hugged and danced to loud music when they saw on the screen how BJP was making its way ahead almost a seat every minute was falling in its coffers. Very early that is by 2pm BJP as a party had secured more than 200 seats and as the numbers went up so did the Congress slide into utter loss with Sonia Gandhi and Rahul barely able to save their seats and hence face.

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OFBJP Australia also celebrated ”˜Vijay Divas’ in a get together in Burwood. Again dhols and drinks and people smiling and displaying ”˜Victory sign’ as they chanted rather shouted ”˜Har Har Modi Ghar Ghar Modi’!

Whether Sydney supporters got any laddus or not one does not know but people on roads in  India got laddus  that were being distributed to one and all as  BJP supporters and volunteers celebrated Modi  victory with drums, dhols, bands and flowers totally rejoicing the moment and dancing on the  streets!



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