Cautions on misleading labelling of non-vegetarian contents in Golden Circle Juice contents a revelation

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Hindu Council of Australia would like to draw your attention to news we have received that the Golden Circle long life apple juice and drink are prepared using a variety of clarifying agents one of which is derived from beef.

Flavours (some are alcohol based) are used across the Golden Circle juice and drinks. We have been advised to read the ingredient list carefully because not all of the Original Juice Co. juice range will contain flavours, such as the ”˜Black Label Orange Juice’, ”˜White Label Cloudy Apple Juice’ & ”˜White Label Orange Juice’.

It is therefore clear that none of the long life Golden Circle juice range is suitable for vegetarians

Our Muslim friends would also like to know that these juices are non- halal ie. They are prepared using either non- halal clarifying agents or contain alcohol based flavours.

We will try to raise this awareness in the community so that Heinz (company that prepares Golden Circle long life apple juice) and other juice companies have proper labelling on their products.


Prof. Nihal Agar

Chairman, Hindu Council of Australia


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