“Exotic Animals Belong in the Wild” – says Dipannita

Dipannita Sharma Exotic Skins Ad_FIN300






Wearing a bodysuit that resembles a snakeskin and lying on a tree trunk in a jungle setting, supermodel and Bollywood siren  Dipannita Sharma  appears in a brand-new ad for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India just in time for the release of her new horror film,  Pizza 3D. The ad’s caption reads, “Exotic Animals Belong in the Wild, Not in Your Wardrobe”. Sharma’s point? That snakes, crocodiles and other reptiles endure horrors, such as being skinned alive, for fashion.

“I have never, ever used exotic skin in my life. ”¦ I have never understood the ”¦ style quotient of carrying a clutch for which an animal has had to go through so much torture”, Sharma says. “I don’t think it takes away from my fashion quotient or style quotient because I am carrying faux leather and something for which an animal has not gone through torture.”

Snakes, alligators and other exotic animals suffer greatly before their skins are turned into shoes, bags and other products. Snakes are often nailed to trees or posts and skinned alive. After their peeled and mutilated bodies are discarded, it can take hours for them to die ”“ usually from shock or dehydration. Alligators are often crammed into small spaces on factory farms and then beaten to death with hammers or axes. An  undercover video narrated by Joaquin Phoenix  shows how snakes are skinned alive and how lizards are snared in the wild before they, too, are skinned.

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