How Anil Ambani and Tina finally tied the knot!

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Tina these days is  involved in a number of philanthropic and charity activities and is currently running an NGO and a hospital while Anil  Ambani is busy growing his wealth as his networth is $5.9 billion according to the Forbes billionaire list for 2014

One of the most popular couples of the country, Anil and Tina Ambani are a perfect example of ‘love conquers all’. Though in an interview with Simi Garewal, Anil Ambani revealed that it was never love at first sight for him, his friends and Tina love to disagree over this. Anil spotted Tina for the first time unofficially at a wedding. As per Anil, the thing that caught his attention was Tina’s black saree as she was the only person in the entire wedding ceremony who wore something black. The second time they met was when Anil Ambani was in Philadelphia. Anil was introduced to Tina and he instantly asked her out. Coming from a place where everyone runs after beautiful actresses, Tina thought Anil was no different and turned him down.

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Tina Munim was a fresh face of Bollywood in late seventies  when she was introduced in Dev Anand’s movie ‘Des Pardes’ based on Indian migrants in  UK  

In 1986, Tina was again introduced to Anil Ambani by her nephew. In the interview, Tina said that she was not too keen on meeting guys at that stage in her life. This was the reason she kept postponing or cancelling their dates. But when they finally met Tina was struck by his simplicity and genuinity. Tina thought he was very different from the lot. And she instantly felt the connection as they were also born and brought up the same way.

On the other hand, Anil who was already struck by her beauty found her very down to earth and beautiful from within. Anil had known many people from the industry and he had certain notions about how Tina would be. But he said she was not like any of them. Anil stressed on the fact that he was really attracted to her only after they’d met a couple of times.

Tina and Anil dated for a couple of months after this. During this period Tina was also in the process of giving up Bollywood and was mostly busy with completing shoots. When Anil’s family got to know of Tina, they weren’t really excited about the match. They had certain notions about people from the film industry thus the thought of bringing someone from the fraternity into their lives and home did not go down too well with them.

It was family pressure that influenced Anil and Tina to stop seeing each other. Anil tried explaining things to Tina and agreed to his decision without questioning him. But at the end she was just a girl with her heart broken. After this incident Anil and Tina did not speak to each other for 3-4 years.

During this period of 3-4 years, Tina left Bollywood and went to America. She continued studying interior designing and put everything else behind her. And time just flew by. In the meanwhile Anil was showered with marriage prospects from good families but he kept turning them down. Anil said in the interview, “It was a lot of pain, a feeling of great loss.” But during this period, neither Tina nor Anil went out with anyone else.

In that period of 3-4 years where they never interacted, there was only one time when Anil called her up. In 1989 when Anil heard that there was a major earthquake in Los Angeles, he got Tina’s number and called her up. Anil asked Tina if she was alright and she being surprised and overwhelmed said ‘yes’. But before she could continue the interaction or ask him something else Anil disconnected the call.

During this period, Anil kept refusing all the marriage proposals and kept trying to persuade his parents that Tina was the girl he should be with. After much persuasion when his family finally agreed, he called up Tina again and asked her ‘when are you coming back’. Tina replied that she would be back in a couple of weeks but later she just brushed it off. Though Tina still had strong feelings for him, she knew there was no future and thus just brushed off this conversation.

Tina who after leaving Bollywood had absolutely no friends in the industry, kept postponing her plans of coming back to India. Weeks passed by and one day Anil called up Tina Munim again. He said, “You have been telling me you’ll come back I want to know when will you come back?” Tina said, “This was the moment I realised I had to go back now. I could not have missed this.”

After she came back, he told her his plans and Tina met his family. Anil also went to Khar to meet Tina’s family and informed them about his plans. After everything materialised, Tina and Anil tied the knot in a spectacular ceremony six weeks later.

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