Lets give a standing ovation to Govinda on August 8!

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By Neena Badhwar

Govinda arrives in Sydney on August 8 to give a performance vibrations of which have already shaken Sydney as it gets ready for this dancing sensation. Govinda is not just a dancing sensation he is a consummate stage performer who not only dances but sings, mimicries, someone who can overshadow even the likes of Johnny Lever in comedy and Sydneysiders love him for the couple of concerts they have witnessed before of this thorough gentleman of a film star.

I remember last when I saw Govinda was when he came to Sydney with Manisha Koirala. He performed at the Whitlam Centre but prior to the show there was dinner organised at ”˜Mehrey Da Dhaba’ for him. And obviously Govinda the happy go lucky guy and a film star came very late to the restaurant. It was 11.30pm and there was no sign of Govinda and in the crowd there were some families with children ”“ one with a 1 year old baby. It was getting close to mid-night when Govinda walked in as smile came on many of our tired faces along with the mother of two with a toddler and a baby. We were so cheesed off that while getting a picture taken I just grabbed the baby and put it in Govinda’s arms  and said that since we have waited so long baby-sitting now he can take over and do it.  Govinda being Govinda and a thorough gentleman took the baby gladly, kissed him on his  head and said, “Kyon nahi, Kyon nahi ye bhi mere bacche hain..”

We were completely sold on this family man who had entertained us through his movies with well known heroines and comedians like Kader Khan, Satish Kaushik, Johnny Lever. He was just totally down to earth simple guy who was in Bollywood without any star nakhras or tantrums. Then when we sat down for dinner tasty delightful dishes of chicken tikka, samosa, kebabs started to turn up at the dinner table as someone casually mentioned that it was navratri days. And off Govinda went outside borrowing someone’s phone and there he was standing on the footpath talking to his wife, “Sunita yaar aaj to Ashtami hai”¦kanjak ki ke nahi”¦” and on he went before he came back and refused to eat non veg.

I am sure Sydneysiders can tell many a stories of their personal encounters with Govinda whenever he came down under he was the darling of all as restaurant owners such as Billu ran after him making his choice food items as Govinda would sit next to the catering van even if it was on a footpath with no fuss at all. They say when he came back from New Zealand concert his knees were badly bruised and when asked the answer was that while dancing on stage he had slid so many times that the knees were badly scratched. And as a witness to his dancing on stage at Whitlam Centre I can vouch that I saw the best ever concert by a star as Govinda outdid them all to give Sydneysiders value for their money.

I highly recommend this concert ”˜Bollywood Vibrations’ as who knows when Govinda will come next and Sydney must rise to honour this man, this Bollywood star because it is not that we go to see him perform rather we should be present to honour Govinda  as he performs live on stage.

Govinda’s film career spans many a decade yet full of many more accolades.

Govinda has acted in more than 140 films and has won many awards which include twelve Filmfare awards and a Filmfare Award for Best Comedian









The  character of Ganga in the movie ‘Jis desh mein ganga rehta hai’ was a darling enacted by Govinda in a most innocent manner

Govinda has received twelve  Filmfare Awards  nominations, and has won a  Filmfare Special Award  and a Filmfare Award for Best Comedian. He played leading roles in several commercially successful comedy films in the 1990s such as Aankhen(1993),  Raja Babu(1994),  Coolie No. 1  (1995),  Hero No. 1  (1997) and Haseena Maan Jaayegi  (1999). He received the  Filmfare Best Comedian Award for  Haseena Maan Jayegi  and  Filmfare Special Award  for  Saajan Chale Sasural. He has successfully played dual roles in several movies like  Gentleman  (1989), Jaan Se Pyaara  (1992),  Aankhen  (1993),  Hathkadi  (1995),  Bade Miyan Chote Miyan  (1998),  Anari No.1  (1999),  Waah! Tera Kya Kehna  (2002) and  Sandwich(2006).

In addition to film acting, Govinda was a member of the  Indian National Congress Party. He was elected as the seventh  Member of Parliament  for the  Mumbai NorthConstituency of  Maharashtra, India in the  14th Lok Sabha elections  in 2004,after defeating  Ram Naik  of the  Bharatiya Janata Party. In the 2009 General Elections, he opted out of politics to concentrate more on films.

Govinda narrowly escaped death on 5 January 1994 while traveling to a studio for the shooting of  Khuddar. The actor’s car collided with another car, resulting in him sustaining injuries to his head. Though bleeding profusely, Govinda did not cancel the shooting. After visiting a doctor, he shot for the film till midnight.

In 2001, Govinda hosted a T.V. Game show named  Jeeto Chappar Phad Ke, (loosely translated as when the heavens open up) on  Sony Entertainment Television (India).

In 2013, he appeared on the popular Colors T.V. show  Comedy Nights with Kapil  along with  Pooja Bose  for his album’s promotion on 15 December 2013. Govinda also sang few lines of the title track “Gori tere naina” on the show, which was very much appreciated by the legendary singer of Bollywood,  Lata Mangeshkar.  Govinda’s episode became a huge hit as the Bollywood actor was seen onscreen after a long gap.

In 2014, Govinda made an appearance on the  Star Plus  T.V. show  Mad In India  along with  Karisma Kapoor. He also danced on some of his hit songs along with Karisma: 1999 – voted as World’s Tenth greatest star of stage or screen by BBC News Online users;  2011 – received  Mother Teresa International Award  at ‘Worli Mahotsav’ in Mumbai;  Govinda has a Bollywood record of acting in 49 Films simultaneously and has also signed record 14 films within 36 Hours.

Come on Sydney! On August 8 we should give this star a standing ovation for all what he has contributed having lighted our lives with his fun-filled comedies and also to a man who is just a very good human being as well.



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