Nadine Gordimar the famous Nobel prize winning anti-apartheid writer is no more


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By Rekha Bhattacharjee

The passing away of Nadine Gordimar at the age of 90, is a great loss to the literary World. An end of a different era!

An anti apartheid activist throughout her writing career which started at a tender age of 14!

She was against any form of inequality and racial prejudice. She followed where her instincts and was clear on the fact that it was her writing that led her to politics because as she herself put it “politics is character in South Africa”.

Nadine Gordimar became a chronicler although she wrote fiction too ”“ of South African political scene! She was one of the few white celebrities that became a member of the African National congress ”“ founded by Nelson Mandela! She did not shun it when ANC was a banned organisation by the white only government.

The ANC said Mandela had a long friendship with Gordimar ”“ beginning in his years as a young Activist.

The Nobel Prize was awarded for Literature is said to be a true tribute to her challenge to the concept of Apartheid.

Her best book I think is ”˜The Conservationist’ that foretold the restoration of Black South Africans their land!

A great loss ”“ till the end had the clarity of mind body and spirit  seen in her books.

She did not hestitate to criticise the present government of President Jacob Zuma for censorship which she said was another form of apartheid!

Apartheid came to a close. Many paid tribute to Nelson Mandela but her post apartheid novels continued to explore  South Africa  without fear or favour.


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