Senior Citizens Computer Club Association (ASCCA) can help seniors form a computer club

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NSW Premier and Member for Manly Mike Baird and Minister for Disability Services John Ajaka on July 30 presented a $50,000 grant to the Australian Senior Citizens Computer Club Association (ASCCA) to help senior citizens adopt technology.

Mr Baird presented the cheque while visiting the Computer Pals for Seniors computer club based at the Manly Senior Citizens Centre, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

“Many seniors I come across tell me about how willing they are to embrace technology to stay in touch with daily events and loved ones,” Mr Baird said.

“Often the greatest challenge isn’t their willingness to use computers, tablets or smartphones, but that they don’t know how to start using the technology.

“The Australian Senior Citizens Computer Club Association helps bridge this gap by giving seniors the confidence to pick up the gadgets, or turn on the computers that have become part of our daily lives.

“The courses are offered through the ASCCA and are run by clubs such as the Manly-based Computer Pals for Seniors, which are proving popular with locals.

“The NSW Government recognises the difference these courses can make in the lives of many senior citizens and is proud to support the ASCCA’s initiative.”

Mr Ajaka said the courses run by the Australian Senior Citizens Computer Club Association were making a real difference in the lives of many seniors.

“The world is fast becoming technologically savvy and seniors need not be left behind,” Mr Ajaka said.

“ASCCA’s courses link closely with the NSW Government’s policies for an ageing population, which promote social interaction, education and healthy ageing.

“It’s becoming increasingly valuable for seniors to develop the skills to use technology to increase their social and economic participation.

“We support any initiative that encourages people to overcome the hurdles that may deter and prevent them from embracing technology,” he said.

ASCCA assists communities to establish computer clubs for seniors and currently provides support for 89 computer clubs across NSW.

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