The night when Sydney rocked to Adnan Sami!

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An unparallel master performer Adnan Sami with a mesmerised Sydney audience

By Manju Mittal

Adnan Sami needs no introduction to his fans world wide. Adnan is an accomplished Pianist, Music composer and singer. Adnan is the first artiste to play Indian Classical music on the electric Piano and is popularly referred to as the fastest Pianist in the world.

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Adnan Sami captivated the house full audience at Sydney Town Hall June 14, 2014. It was yet another unforgettable concert Sydney witnessed, the hall was packed and it was indeed a successful sold out show. The show started late but worth the wait. Audience waited patiently for the Adnan Sami to take the stage. A relatively slim and trim Adnan Sami’s entry was absolutely amazing dressed in black attire, the moment the singer stepped on the stage he captivated his audience with his heart warming smile, his appearance brought glamour, the magic, the audience lit up in the collected glow of thousands of cell phones trying to capture the moment.

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With organisers

Adnan Sami started the show to an energetic opening with “Tu meri Mehbuba”, the audience sang along as the master performer began engaging the audience in the song. Watching him move and sing on stage was undeniably surreal.   Adnan acknowledged the love his fans adorn him with, which was the very reason he has continued to perform till today. Adnan promised to fulfil all the audience requests as they screamed their requests from all corners of Sydney Town Hall to which he readily answered, “Yeh aap sabka haq hai”. It was worth the experience the way Adnan and the tabla masters teased each other while delivering a stellar jugalbandi. Watching Adnan’s fingers literally playing up on the piano keys was amazing. It was insurmountable when he sang   “Naino se naino ko mila” with an exquisite mixture of classical music. With each song number he played the keyboard and orchestrated the band and miraculously managed to engage the audience. It was an emotional moment when he remembered his late father and dedicated his evening’s performance to his father when recited “Ae Khuda”.

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Adnan with the writer and a fan Manju


With a mind blowing performance Adnan Sami was undoubtedly at his best. And there was no better way to continue the performance with none other than the hit numbers “Sun Zara”, “Salam-e-Ishq”. He also included other hit songs from his albums such as “Bheegi bheegi raato mein”, “ Kabhi to Nazar Milao”, “Tera chehra jab nazar aaye”. Adnan had the audience sing along with him as they joined him on “Tera Chehra Jab Nazar Aaye”. Adnan sang a soft number “Roya darling Roya” from his latest album for his wife Roya, who was sitting in the audience.

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Sydney Town hall reverberated  as Adnan play his piano so skilfully

Adnan Sami took some moments and shared truly inspirational experiences that transformed the person he is today. He shared how he embarked upon the journey to totally rediscovering himself at a time when he was extremely overweight and how his doctor told him he might have only few months to live. He said it was wake up call for him, his journey took him through an immense weight loss program and self control. All I can say Adnan you are a role model for us who are struggling to shed a few kilos.

The magic of Adnan Sami’s musical brilliance kept not only the audience, but also the tabla masters engaged as well. While the audience had anticipated Adnan Sami’s musical talents, what was unexpected was the superb sound from his Bollywood orchestra, Adnan recognized their skills when he kneeled down in front of them in praise of the Orchestra, which included Dholak, Drums, Bass Guitar, Clarinet and Flute players.   I thoroughly enjoyed the talent of each performer. “Mujhko Bhi to Lift Kara De” brought the audience to their feet. It was amazing to see the stage glide over audience while they were screaming they just went berserk demanding to hear more and more. He had the audience completely mesmerised and the audience certainly left the hall after having had a good time. Another highlight of the show was our local talented singers Jasmine Gill, Priyanka Pripri and Jagpreet Grover entertained us with beautiful songs. ”˜Road2 Bollywood’ dance group gave fantastic dance performance. Whole event was conducted gracefully by charming MC Aisha AK and Sunil Gautam. The organisers of the event Yogesh Sharma and his team did an excellent job by doing overall management making the whole event well organised.

This show touched and altered my soul. It is one of the most unique and exquisite experience of musical concert I have ever witnessed. This concert proves to be perhaps one of the most magical in Sydney history.

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