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Neeru Saluja, Arti Banga, Kangana Ranaut and Manju Mittal at MIFF

By Neeru Saluja

Kangana Ranaut is the reigning ”˜queen’ of Bollywood. It’s been an eight year journey for a small town girl to become one of the top actresses. Kangana has always made a smart choice by picking unconventional roles but with her stellar performance in Queen, she has won the jackpot.

She was in Melbourne recently for the Indian Film Festival where she was awarded the ”˜Best Actress’ award for Queen. At a press conference organised by the Indian Film festival, Kangana stole the show with her refreshing frankness. Dressed in a Burberry gown, she looked dazzling from head to toe.

Excerpts from the interview:

Q. In every movie you portray a unique character. Be it the simpleton middle-class girl of Queen, a superwoman in Krish 3 or a killer in Revolver Rani. What kind of preparation do you have to do for every disparate role?

Kangana: It takes a lot of hard work at many levels. Sometimes the challenge is to get the emotion or character right, sometimes the challenge is to get the look right. For Revolver Rani and Krish, it was all about getting the look right. But with others it’s the emotional journey of the characters.

Q. When we talk about Bollywood it as old as Hollywood. Then why is that women are still having a secondary position. And why are actresses like you and Vidya a step ahead by doing women centric films?

Kangana: I just feel what we make in India or anywhere in the world is a direct reflection of the society. It’s true that everything is a bit regressive everywhere and it is hard to sell women centric films and concepts, especially when there are films where women are getting tortured and die in the end after a nervous breakdown. I think we have to get more innovative with our ideas. Films like Queen and Revolver Rani are media high concept films and whenever something new is tried it takes some time to grow on people. I have been lucky with that. Actresses like Deepika and Sonakshi are trying many things now but I’m sure many such films will be seen.

Q. Your latest film Revolver Rani was a 360 degree change from Queen. Which character is closer to heart?

Kangana: Well, none of them. Both of them have psychological disorders. One has confidence issues and I have never had problems with my confidence and the other is a psychotic killer which I’m not! (laughs)

Q. You also co-wrote the dialogues for Queen. How was the experience?

Kangana: I think it’s been wonderful and specially working with someone like Vikas who was so open to other artists contributing in many ways than just what they are hired for. When he got me on board he told me that it’s a girl story and more than an actress he needs a partner. He was keen to know what the landscapes of a woman’s mind are. It was good to contribute in that way.

Q. The ending of the film Queen was unique ”“ when the actress rejects the actor. Is this a change coming in Bollywood films?

Kangana: This change is coming in the society and that’s why such films are being accepted. Queen is an important film as it shows the real mirror of the society. My personal opinion is that females are shown in a negative manner in Bollywood whether it is as item girls or using vulgar language. We need such films that show about women’s rights, powers and self-respect.

Queen is not a film about rejecting a man. The turning point in the film comes when she pays for her own coffee bill. Girls can get self-respect only when their life priority is not marriage but equality in every relationship. This film is important for our country and women.

Q. How does Kangana define herself?

Kangana: I’m a girl of today; I believe in self respect and myself. I’m clear about my future and dreams. My approach to life is that life is short and it’s not only about acting or films. I also want to write a book and make a film. Now don’t ask me which book I’m writing! I also want to make film and do much more.

Q. Back home, you are quite reluctant to attend award ceremonies. What made you fly all the way to Melbourne to attend the Indian film Festival awards?

Kangana: Eight years ago at the start of my acting career, I was meant to travel to Australia for a role that fell through. Ever since I’ve seen the world but had never made it to Australia.


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