Books available in Hindi at State Library

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Did you know the State Library of NSW has collections of books in  43 different languages?


The collections include:


  • adult fiction across a range of genres
  • popular adult non-fiction such as  health information, history, biographies, cookery, crafts, politics and more
  • resources for children including picture books, bilingual books and sound recordings
  • audio books (talking books) in some languages are also held.


These collections are available for loan to everyone in NSW, through their local public library.

We also hold an  English as a Second Language  collection (ESL) aimed at meeting the learning needs of our communities. Some of these materials have multilingual explanations to support the independent learning of English.

How do you access these resources?  Join your local public library and they will borrow from the State Library on your behalf.

How much does this service cost?  This is a  FREE  service from the State Library of NSW


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