Dr Harinath the new chairperson of CRC


Dr Harinath  







Dr Hari Harinath OAM

Former  Chairman  of Cricket NSW, Dr Hari Harinath OAM, has been named the new Chair of the Community Relations Commission’s (CRC) Advisory Board on September 10.

Minister for Citizenship and Communities Victor Dominello announced Dr Harinath’s appointment along with seven part-time Advisory Board Members.

“The make-up of the new Advisory Board truly reflects the changing face of multicultural NSW and for the first time includes representatives from across Aboriginal, Anglo-Celtic, Indian, Korean, Chinese, Jewish and Egyptian backgrounds, among others.

“The newly appointed board members are Devpaal Singh, Steven Widders, Ken Hong, Cathy Guo, David Knoll AO, Margaret Piper AM and Dr Eman Sharobeem.

“They have been recruited through a skills-based assessment process and will be led by Dr Harinath, a distinguished individual who has been a leader within the Indian Australian community for many decades.

“Dr Harinath has been a medical practitioner in Sydney for nearly 40 years and has served as a senior cricket administrator for 30 years.

“He is a current  CRC  Advisory Board Member as well as  Chairman  of Parramasala and a NSW Centenary of Anzac Ambassador. He will make an outstanding Chair.

“I am confident the new team will bring the experience and passion needed to be effective advocates for our state’s cultural diversity communities.”

Mr Dominello said the appointment of a new Chair came at a pivotal moment, with the  CRC  soon to become Multicultural NSW under a new three-year strategic plan,  Harmony in Action  launched last month.

“Legislative changes will see the organisation placing a stronger emphasis on the beliefs and values which unite all Australians ”“ including our volunteering ethos, our Aboriginal heritage and our commitment to commemorating those who have served in defending our freedoms.”

CRC  Chief Executive Officer Hakan Harman said today: “I welcome the appointment of Dr Harinath and I am also delighted to offer my congratulations to the seven  new part-time members of the Advisory Board who will join the five continuing members.”

Short biographies of the new Chair and Advisory Board Members follow. The appointments commence from 15 September 2014.

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