Hon. Kevin Andrews’ message for Diwali

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Hon. Kevin Andrews MP

It is with great pleasure that I send my best wishes to all celebrating Diwali – the festival of lights.

Hindus first came to Australia in the 19th century and have since added significantly to Australia’s social, cultural and religious diversity.

People who follow the Hindu faith have made many valuable contributions to Australia.

Their efforts help to make Australia one of the most prosperous and forward looking countries in the world. They are an important part of our community life, often highly educated and working as professionals making significant contributions in medicine, science, education, business and finance.

Diwali is an important festival for Hindus, signifying the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, and hope over despair.

I acknowledge the wonderful traditions of the Hindu community, its philanthropic contribution to many different charities as well as working for peace in places where there may be conflict or disagreement.

I also understand that Diwali marks a time for cleaning and buying new clothes and that homes are decorated with lights and religious symbols made of coloured rice and chalk.

Australia is enriched by the many faiths practiced by its people. Our cultural diversity is one of our greatest strengths.

As we rejoice in the cultural traditions, languages and religions that make up our society, we also celebrate the shared values, freedoms and laws that unite this great nation.

I would like to wish all Australians who are celebrating Diwali a happy festival.

Shubh Diwali!


Minister for Social Services

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