Prime Minister Modi in US

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“Modi’s main focus will be attracting US companies to invest in India. He will lay out the red carpet for US business. American companies are experiencing record earnings and are looking to expand in other markets. India, with its youthful aspiring population, presents a most attractive proposition. Already, Modi has set a scorching pace in approving infrastructure and industry projects. Under Modi, India’s central government has become far more transparent and efficient. He will facilitate more trade and investment. The prime minister’s goal is generating jobs and he wants US companies to set up shop in India.”

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Lawsuit filed against India’s Modi in US

A New York court has ordered Indian premier Narendra Modi to answer allegations of ‘attempted genocide’ over deadly anti-Muslim riots, reports say, as he began his first US visit as India’s prime minister.

The complaint relates to an outbreak of anti-Muslim rioting in 2002 in the western Indian state of Gujarat, where Modi served as chief minister before he was elected prime minister in May.

Lawyers for rights group the American Justice Center filed a civil case on Thursday seeking damages from Modi for what they call ‘attempted genocide’, according to a copy of the petition obtained by The Hindu newspaper.

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