Message from Prime Minister Abbott for The Indian Down Under

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Mr Abbott with Mr Modi in India

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has exclusively sent this message for  the community on the occasion of Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Australia in November  

The Indian community has become an integral part of our Australian story.

Over 400,000 people of Indian heritage now live in Australia and India is our largest source of migrants. I pay tribute to the significant contributions they make to our country.

We share a democratic heritage, the same language and have stood side by side through the global conflicts of the last century.

Earlier this year, I invited Prime Minister Modi to the G20 Summit this year and to visit Australia.

I am delighted that Prime Minister Modi will make the first visit to Australia by an Indian Prime Minister since 1986.

This follows my recent visit to India and I look forward to continuing our discussions on strengthening trade and economic links and our converging strategic interests.

Importantly, Prime Minister Modi will address to the Australian Parliament on Tuesday 18 November. This will be an historic and important occasion.

As Chair of the G20 this year, I have made economic growth and growth creation the key themes of our deliberations and efforts.

As countries that believe in private sector-led growth, both Australia and India will be in a position to lead-by-example at the coming Brisbane G20 leaders’ summit.

Both Prime Minister Modi and I wish to be known as “infrastructure prime ministers” and the G20, fittingly, will focus on mobilising private capital to address the world’s infrastructure deficit.

India and Australia want to boost two way trade and investment and I hope that the comprehensive economic partnership ”“ or free trade ”“ negotiations between our two countries will be concluded, at the latest, by the end of 2016.

The India of today is the world’s second most populous nation; for most of the past three decades it’s grown at more than 5 per cent a year and, in purchasing power terms, it’s already the world’s third largest economy.

India is the world’s emerging democratic superpower. I salute India’s achievement and look forward to welcoming Prime Minister Modi to Australia.

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