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Forging stronger ties – PM Tony Abbott with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his recent visit to Delhi in the month of September

By Neena Badhwar


TIDU talked to Dr Nihal Agar in relation to Indian  Australian Community Foundation (IACF) which is now busy organising Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s  visit hoping that Sydneysiders match Madison Square Garden gathering like  Indian Americans who made  a historic moment for all during Mr Modi’s  US visit.

Says Dr Agar, “We took the advice and  guidance from IACF (Indian American Community Foundation) in the US and only replaced the ”˜A of America’ with ”˜A of Australia’. IACF in Sydney  is a temporary body which will be disbanded after it has achieved its goal of getting together the Indian community in NSW and also other states on November 17 to meet and greet Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is coming to Australia to attend G20 summit in Brisbane.”

He adds,”It is a monumental task but the response has been overwhelming from all over. By now we have about 300 organisations registered with us. We need 400-500 volunteers who will have to be fully trained so that all matters of security are carried out properly.”

“All the bodies that have registered with us will make sure that everyone of their members are on their books and everyone will be issued a ticket which they must bring to the venue along with a photo ID.”

It will sure be a huge task on part of the volunteers to check everyone’s photo ID and seat them in the Allphones Arena at Sydney Olympic Park, says Dr Agar, “Yes it is and that’s why we need as many volunteers who can help us with the event.”

Dr Agar insists that we the Indian community make it an all inclusive event and show ourselves in a united manner so that  we all come together in a joint effort to make Sydney event a success as much as the one in the US at Madison Square Garden, or even better,  as he adds, “The American foundation is fully helping  and advising us to  make our event as successful as theirs  .”

Dr Agar says about seating, “Since the event costs will run into lakhs of dollars and we are not getting any government help we need all the support we can get from all quarters. Other than that All Phones Arena is such a good venue that everyone regardless of the seating will get a good view of the main stage.”

The program starts at 6pm with an hour of cultural program, “No Bollywood”¦” insists Dr Agar, “It is just so that everyone is settled in their seats nicely and that they can hear Mr Modi speak which will be close to an hour I must say.”

Dr Agar requests everyone to support this ”˜once- in- a- life time event’ ”“ a welcome to a leader of our nation and he is coming to Sydney which is the only city that is organising free community event of such scale whereas there is  an official function in Melbourne and in Brisbane where Mr Modi is unveiling  Gandhi’s bust in a park besides attending the G20 Summit.

So what kind of support you are expecting from the community? Says Dr Agar, “Although it is a free public event there are a lot of expenses involved. We encourage everyone to make any contribution large or small to make it happen.”

Details are given on the website  when  registering  names: for any contribution people want to make as well as sponsorship for businesses or individuals who want to take up packages where they will be offered  audio visual slides as well as ads in the souvenir which is being  compiled for the night.

The function will start at 5pm so we advise that people  arrive at 3.30 to 4pm for all the formalities to be completed. Cultural program will go on till 6.15 pm and then Mr Modi will speak to the gathering.

“This is the only event in Australia where the whole Indian community is participating  en masse and we must make it a success,” says Dr Agar.


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