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Virosh Perera CEO Serendib News Network

The Serendib Awards 2014 will celebrate and recognise Sri Lankan individuals who have made a difference in the community here in Australia.   This milestone event will be held at the Grand on Princess on the 31st  of October.   The purpose of the event is to showcase contributions and tireless efforts made by Sri Lankans living in Australia.   Many Sri Lankans have contributed to society, made an impact and made Sri Lankans proud.   The Serendib Awards will recognise their contributions in an Annual Awards Night where we can all be inspired.

The latest Census in 2011 recorded 86,413 Sri Lanka-born people in Australia.   This is a very significant number of Sri Lankan born people who contribute to the economy of Australia and if we include the number of children born with Sri Lankan heritage over the years, this number would be so much higher.   There will be many highlights at the event. We are honored to have Dilip Kumar as the Chief guest and keynote speaker. Dilip is an inspirational Sri Lankan who has been the Chairman of the Australian Rugby Union and Managing Director of Peninsula Motor Group for over 30 years, will motivate and inspire Sri Lankans on the night. Entertainers Andrew De Silva and Alson Koch will receive lifetime achievement awards while Julian Simonsz- The Voice finalist is nominated for the Entertainment awards.   Miss Sri Lanka 2014 Marianne Page from Sri Lanka will present awards.

The awards will recognise people who have made waves in the over 25 categories including business, sport, charity and women.   It will not be an event to miss.   There can never be enough encouragement and support to those working towards making our community a better place.

Nominations have now closed with over 360 nominations received  for inspirational Sri Lankans.   Interviews by an independent judging panel took place which saw individual interviews of the nominees.   We take this opportunity to thanks the judges for their time and independent evaluate and to shortlist candidates from each category.

This is a great opportunity to support professional development among Sri Lankans and market your organisation or services to a large Sri Lankan audience.   Sponsoring this event will ensure you get great exposure and make a long term impact. When you sponsor the Sri Lankan Awards 2014, your money will be reinvested into supporting the future Sri Lankan talent pool living in Australia. Give back to those who came from our great country, recognise them and build comradeship.













Great entertainment, a huge array of Sri Lankan fusion food and drinks and decor combined will make this a truly Sri Lankan event combined with true Sri Lankan hospitality.   Tickets are on sale now so make sure you grab some before they run out.

This event is sure to build nostalgia and feel the Sri Lankan spirit and honour those who truly make a difference. Join us in celebrating Inspirational Sri Lankans.

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