Australia and India strengthen international crime cooperation ties


The Hon Michael Keenan MP, Minister for Justice, has signed a Prisoner Transfer Agreement between Australia and India as well as a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Counter Narcotics Trafficking and Developing Police Cooperation.

Both the Agreement and the MOU will further bolster the strong law enforcement cooperation relationship between Australia and India, and the signing of these instruments highlights this Government’s commitment to further expand and strengthen our partnerships.

The interconnected nature of the world today has created a borderless criminal threat environment.

The MOU will enable the Australian Federal Police and India’s Narcotics Control Bureau to cooperate in training personnel and exchanging specialists and experts in the field of narcotics control.

The MOU will support both countries in detecting and disrupting organised criminal groups that seek to import illegal substances, including precursors to manufacture drugs.

The Prisoner Transfer Agreement is important given the nature of transnational organised crime means that it is increasingly common for criminals to be convicted and sentenced in foreign countries.

This Agreement will enable Australian prisoners in India to apply to serve the remaining part of their sentence in Australia, and vice versa for Indian prisoners.

Criminal networks that operate with little regard for national boundaries are a global concern and a significant law enforcement challenge we all share.

Close cooperation to fight transnational crime with our international allies is paramount for safety and security globally.



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