Melbourne Cup race a fun day for Aussie Indians

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Dolly Soni, Shikha Kaushik, Purna Dua Kalra, Upasna Gupta, Poonam Gidwani, Neelu Anand, Shikha Lal & friends

By Rekha Rajvanshi

Tuesday November 4, 2014. The Melbourne Cup, 3200 metre horse race, brought the nation to a standstill this afternoon. People stopped their work and turned radios and televisions on to witness this exciting race. Workplaces buzzed with excitement as small sweeps underwent in all the places.

The Melbourne Cup is an annual event, conducted by the  Victoria Racing    on the  Flemington Racecourse    in Melbourne, Victoria. The first race was held in 1861. The event takes place every year on the first Tuesday in November at 3.00 pm.

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Shikha Kaushik , Shikha Lal, Dolly Soni

This year also celebrities, film actors, businessmen/women and models, like previous years arrived at the racecourse, dressed up in bold outfits, stylish hats and fashionable shoes.  It was amazing to see them wearing blues, pinks, red, green and pastel colors.

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Priya Kanagarajan

Men and women dressed up to go to Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne and Randwick Racecourse in Sydney, and also at their workplaces. Women looked pretty in their headpieces and shoes matching with their outfits. Race ended in about three minutes with Protectionist winning the race, but they all enjoyed putting some money on the horses without worrying about losing or winning.

Purna Dua Kalra, Meeta Nayar Madan, Shilpa Dhir Arora

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Aussie Indians were no less happy than these celebs about the event.   Punting may be a ritual for men and women with Melbourne Cup as one day which gets the most prominence in Australia. It gets the social buzz going with talk of fashion, fun, partying and dressing up for the day.

Many won and many lost on the day, some serious punters, many just for fun though one sad news on the day was for the two horses one Japanese horse Admire Rakti that collapsed and died after the race and  Araldo that broke its  leg and was euthanised by the owners in a humane manner.  

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