An Appeal and an Invitation

An Appeal and an Invitation – To be Friends of the Ethno Specific Indian Origin Age Care Project in Dandenong

The message concerning the ”˜Ethno Specific Indian Origin Age Care’ from Mr Vasan Srinivasan, Chair, Confederation of Indian Associations Inc.,  was long awaited and welcoming news for the Indian Community in Australia. This project was laboriously put together by the leaders of the community and after multiple attempts, it finally came to fruition. However, since now approval has been received, it is time to look forward and plan with care the next step, i.e. its development to the functional stage. It is an important project that will have a lasting effect on the people of Indian origin settled in Melbourne. It requires community vision, input and expertise for a better outcome for all.   On behalf of the Australia India Community Charitable Trust (AICCT) Chairman and trustees, Mr Vasan Srinivasan invites community members to express their interest in being a part of this unique exciting project.

It is not an invitation for expression of interest for the residence in this  ”˜Ethnic Specific Indian Origin Age Care Home’. It is rather an invitation to be a part of the project to bring it from the current level to its functional stage. Lot of planning has already gone in preparing the application but now the next stage of the project will start soon. The project will take its functional shape in association with an experienced and well-known Age Care provider in Australia.  This is an appeal and invitation for involving yourself in this historical landmark project associated with the Indian settlement in Australia.

You may nominate yourself or any other person who is willing and capable to contribute. From these willing people, a balanced group of 60 will be formed and will be known as  “Friends of Indian   Age Care Facility”. The group will have representatives of various cultural backgrounds of people of Indian origin, Indian spoken languages and gender balance.

The Age Care facility will be situated in Dandenong. Here onwards the project will have its journey in association with an experienced Age Care provider in Melbourne.

If you wish to be a part of this project, we look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible but no later than 26 January 2015 by completing a form by following this link:

The CIAA intends to commence work in the new year. If you have questions, please feel free to discuss with any of the following:

  1. Mr Vasan Srinivasan0412 55 33 71 (,au)
    2.  Dr Sharad Gupta  0400 226 793  (
    3.  Dr Santosh Kumar  0411 13 66 12 (

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