GP rally against cuts to general practice on February 8

Dr Saxon Smith, AMA (NSW) President , is seeking support form all doctors including Indian doctors to join a rally against cuts to general practice.
He says, “On Sunday 8 February, we need you to stand up for general practice by joining your colleagues at the AMA’s Rally for General Practice in Parramatta (details below).

As you would be aware, the Government is introducing significant changes to Medicare payments for patients in Australia.

The first of these changes come into force on 19 January. GPs have told us that the changes to A and B consultations will potentially make general practice unviable.”

The AMA has been standing up to the Government on the threats to general practice.

Says Dr Saxon, “We are continuing the strong public and political campaign and as part of our ongoing efforts, we now want you to join us in a public show of support for general practice.

Other states will be running similar protests but this will be the largest public gathering of doctors held on the issue in the country.

If you have been looking for a way to make your voice heard on this issue, you will not get a better chance than this.

Event Details
Venue:    Sir Ian Turbott Auditorium, UWS Parramatta Campus
Date:     Sunday, 8 February 2015
Time:     11am to 12:30pm
The last time AMA (NSW) held a rally like this was during the medical indemnity crisis and, as many of you will remember, it had an immediate reaction from Government.

Dr Saxon says that they need as many general practitioners as possible to have the biggest impact.

“We are aiming to fill the venue and for that to happen we will need a quarter of the GPs in the state to attend.”


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