Jhappi Time ads to attract Indian tourists during ICC Cricket World Cup

A successful online tourism campaign credited with increasing visitor numbers from India to NSW to record levels will be expanded across India.

NSW Premier Mike Baird made the announcement at an event attended by travel trade officials in Mumbai during his official visit to India.

Mr Baird said more Indian tourists are choosing NSW and Sydney as their preferred Australian holiday destination than ever before thanks to the Jhappi Time campaign.

“Jhappi Time translates to ”˜hug time’ in Hindi and motivates travellers to fly to Sydney to visit friends and relatives and explore some of our most picturesque regional areas,” Mr Baird said.

“The online marketing campaign, created by the NSW Government’s tourism agency Destination NSW, started in India early last year and helped contribute to the 21 per cent increase in Indian visitor arrivals to NSW for the year ending August 2014.

“More than 86,500 visitors from India arrived in NSW in the year ending September 2014. Those who travelled on Jhappi Time packages added $6.3 million in visitor expenditure to the NSW economy.

“Jhappi Time ads will now hit Indian television screens across the country after the NSW Government secured Singapore Airlines to promote the State by offering airfare deals to Sydney as part of the campaign.

“The commercials will be expanded onto TV screens across India and will assist the NSW Government in reaching its goal of doubling overnight visitor expenditure by 2020.

“India is a priority market for NSW and these ads will be shown during the ICC Cricket World Cup, beaming pictures of NSW into millions of homes across India during the tournament.

“More Indian tourists visit Sydney and NSW than any other capital or state in Australia so I’m also here to extend an invitation to local travel retailers and wholesalers to experience what we have to offer first hand.

“Destination NSW will invite 30 of the most influential retailers and wholesalers from across India to take part in the biggest ever familiarisation tour of NSW from 8 February to 13 February 2015.

“We’re working with Indian travel companies to ensure they are familiar with the products they’re selling

.“The success of the Jhappi Time campaign means more people are asking travel agents for details about the regional locations featured in the commercials, including the Blue Mountains, Port Stephens and the Hunter Valley.

“We’ll take the delegation to these areas to show them the natural beauty of regional NSW so they can share details of their own personal experiences with their clients back home.

“Indians love their cricket so they’ll also have the opportunity to attend a World Cup warm up match at the Sydney Cricket Ground as we showcase Sydney as Australia’s home of major events.

“The Jhappi Time campaign is resonating well in the Indian market and we will continue working with our Indian friends to promote NSW and attract more visitors to the State.”


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